What I learned 1 Year into Startup Life


Here’s a list of things I learned

Don’t hire developers when you start out.

Don’t expect developers to make your project for you.

Email marketing doesn’t work for PPC.

Don’t spend money on third party softwares you will never use.

Find a team member who is will to work for equity and make sure they are paid.

Hiring a sales person is a nightmare.

Sales people who want 72K + 30% commission… you need to leave them alone.

Sales people who can’t sell… you need to leave them alone.

Sales people who want to bring on other sales people…. you need to leave them alone.

Social media people are easy to hire.

Content people are easy to hire.

PPC people are insanely difficult to hire.

You can’t train everyone in PPC.

Once you train someone in PPC they will leave.

You can never have too much capital.

PPC agencies should develop software.

PPC agencies should have more than one person.
Working at home isn’t as productive as I imagined.

Working at home really means you work at your client’s offices.

You travel a lot for clients.

Linkedin isn’t a great place to find jobs.

Upward is hit or miss.

Other agencies are struggling just like you are.

Having a low overhead for the first year is okay.

In the first year you won’t learn what to do, just want not to do.

Everything is okay if you’re willing to keep grinding it out.

Surround yourself with like minded individuals.

Save as much money personally as you can.

Startup life is full of surprises.