What I Learned From Spending $250,000 On Facebook Ads – 10 Tips


What I Learned From Spending $250,000 On Facebook Ads – 10 Tips   

In the modern world, nearly every business is using or has a plan to use social media as a marketing strategy. Facebook Ads are some of the most popularly used methods to reach to the customers from different countries and sell products and services to them. When used correctly, Facebook Ads can play a significant role in accelerating your user acquisition strategy which can eventually lead to social media marketing glory.

However, if you misuse Facebook Ads, they can keep your company out of the business world rapidly. Some start-ups get awful experiences when trying to use Facebook Ads as a marketing strategy due to insufficient knowledge and expertise about social media marketing.

Although I am not a Facebook expert, I decided to use Facebook Ads and invested $250,000 in promoting the services of our marketing agency and its trademark. At the company, we offer marketing solutions to other firms. We build strategic marketing plans for our clients because we have a professional team of technical marketers. We raised our budget because we know that Facebook is an excellent site that is viable for growth and development of every enterprise in the modern society. Below are ten essential tips that I learned along the way when I decided to spend $250,000 on Facebook Ads.

1.  It starts with your website, not with Facebook

Your site must be perfect when using Facebook Ads regardless of the amount of money you invest. For instance, if you are an e-commerce site on WordPress and the products that you are selling are above $30, and below $300, your conversion rate on your site should be above 2 percent. You should use conversion rate optimization (CRO) if your conversion rate is below 2 percent and bring it up instantly and generate more traffic online using Facebook Ads.

2.   Cost-per-acquisition and fully commit resources rise rapidly with time

After making trials with Facebook Ads, we realized that the cost-per-acquisition (CPA) rises swiftly in the initial stages. Usually, Facebook CPAs have a tendency of increasing rapidly. Therefore, you need to address the actions immediately to avoid irritating your target group.

3.  You need to segment your target group to manage ad set CPAs effectively

You should not underestimate the amount and power of ad sets. Therefore, you should segment your audience correctly according to their age and other essential specifications. The process will bear good fruits and enable you to manage your ad set CPAs correctly. I hired Facebook ads expert to perform audience profiling for me when I invested $250,000 on Facebook ads.

4.  Splitting out geographies

Geographical bidding is excellent, especially when using Facebook Ads for marketing. If you understand regional lifetime values (LTVs), it is advisable to split your geographies into more productive segments. The process will enable you to provide a worldwide delivery of your services and track the performance of your businesses at regional levels.

5.  Creating marketing videos specifically for Facebook Ads

I also learned that it is possible to create beautiful videos for Facebook Ads to market the services and products of the organization online. For instance, if you are a metrics-obsessed firm, you have to establish a KPI. The process will enable you to get millions of views every week.

6.  Getting advice from Facebook Ads experts is vital

When I invested $250,000, I realized that you could not succeed if you do not consult the experts in that field. Since I did not have ample knowledge about Facebook Ads, I consulted Facebook and Google experts to acquire the tips that make them succeed in social media marketing.

7.  Patience pays

Every business person expects impressive returns after investing hugely. Those were my expectations too after spending my $250,000 on Facebook Ads. However, patience was a crucial aspect of the process because you do not expect profits instantly. You need to wait for a few weeks to start enjoying long-term benefits in your business.

8.  I acquired tricks to track the performance of my ads

Link structure and generation are the crucial things to consider when it comes to performance tracking of your Facebook ads. For instance, if you have Google Analytics setup, you can use the URL builder of Google on any link on Facebook ads. The process will allow you to track the performance of your campaign online whenever a client clicks the Facebook ad and goes directly to your website. These are the four essential metrics that you need to track:

•  Relevance

•  Your click through rate (CRT)

•  Frequency

•  Your cost per click (CPC)

9.   Bigger budget enhances speed

Speed is essential, especially when performing marketing activities online. If you use a bigger budget per week to buy Facebook ads, you will enjoy rapid conversion rates. You can also change anything instantly to boost your ads. When you buy Facebook ads, they go up immediately.

10.  Facebook Ads give you freedom

After purchasing the ads in the morning, you can travel or engage yourself in other activities, and your ads will continue to rise and run efficiently. Therefore, a big budget makes things easier when it comes to Facebook ads.

In conclusion, Facebook ads are fantastic because millions of people use the social media platform every day. Therefore, customers from different countries can view your services and products. The process creates more awareness about the existence of your firm which can lead to profitability and massive growth.

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