What I Learned From Spending $750,000 On Google Display Ads – 10 Tips


What I Learned From Spending $750,000 On Google Display Ads – 10 Tips

In the modern world, marketing has become easier than in the ancient times due to the availability of multiple digital advertising tools. Google Display Network is the largest collection of attractive sites in the world. Professional advertisers in the world use Google Display Network to reach millions of internet users. They reach them in different categories of websites.

Therefore, Google Display Network is perfect for marketing because it places the display ads directly against related audiences and content across millions of online sites. That is the reason why I utilized this advantage and spent $750,000 on Google display ads. Below are ten tips and lessons that I learned during the whole marketing process that took my company to a new advanced level.

1.  You can use different ad formats

Professional marketers can either use non-text ads or text ads. Some of the non-text ad formats include images, animations, videos, and flash. Therefore, I was able to create different types of ads for my clients. The aspect is crucial in marketing because it breaks the monotony of using texts and guest posts when marketing. It leaves your customers satisfied because they view beautiful animations with different colors.

2.  Flexible cost

I invested my money on this marketing strategy because of its flexibility. Flexible charges allow you to set the price you want for your ads. I was able to use its two payment plans:

•  Cost per thousand impressions bidding – On this payment plan, you pay based on the number of impressions that you receive on your ads.

•  Cost per click – Marketers in the world use this payment plan widely. If you decide to use it, you will pay for each click on your display ads.

3.  Measurable results

Once you make use of Google display ads for marketing, you will receive daily and weekly updates. The process will enable you to know the exact number of times each display ad gets clicked. These tracking tools are beneficial to the marketers because they show the performance of the ads. Measuring results is an essential aspect because it allows advertisers to know whether they are using the right keywords and ads that engage customers more.

4.  Demographic targeting

Google display ads allow marketers to select their targeted audiences according to demographic categories. For instance, you can limit who sees your ads based on gender and even age. Therefore, when I used this strategy for marketing my company’s products and services, I was able to reach the right potential customers.

5.  Remarketing

It is another essential thing that I learned about Google display ads that state that you can add and show your recent ads and tailor business messages directly to the customers who visited your website previously. You can also reach those people who interacted with your company before. There remarketing strategy drives the clients directly to your mobile app or website to view the ads.

6.  Audience targeting

Google display ads enabled me to target internet users on other sites who have interests on services and products that my company offers. Therefore, they were driven to my site and shown my ads, even if they visited sites non-related to business.

7.  Reaching more new customers

It is advantageous to use the display network for marketing because it reaches millions of new potential customers from more than 100 countries who speak different languages. The aspect drove me to invest $750,000 on Google display ads and enjoyed returns after a short period.

8.  Increase brand awareness

Since millions of people from different nations viewed my Google display ads, the awareness of the brand of my company grew. It led to the growth and development of the firm due to high profits that we gained. Our company was able to build customer loyalty and sell more products and services. Therefore, we were able to meet both our short-term and long-term goals.

9.  Actionable insights and transparency

You can use several tools to manage your campaign. Some of these tools include Conversion Tracking, Placement Performance Report and also the Conversion Optimizer. They enhance transparency and show you what is working correctly and what requires improvement. After investing $750,000 on Google display ads, I was able to optimize and track my campaigns effectively.

10.  Attractive keyword leads to more brand awareness and brings many customers

After my investment on Google display ads, I learned that interesting keywords are powerful. Therefore, I started choosing keywords keenly to ensure that they satisfy my clients. I hired a search engine expert who helped me throughout the process. It increased the profits in our company because I was able to win more customers than my competitors.

Conclusively, I learned that if you utilize Google display advertising campaigns effectively, you can increase the visibility of your company, services, and products within a short period at the global level. It is an effective strategy that can help your business adapt to modern patterns well and reach more clients. It enables your company to look like a big fish in the business world and gain the trust of billions of customers from different nations.