Learning Javascript is Fun



Since I didn’t have my laptop this weekend… ick.  I downloaded the teamtreehouse app and binged on javascript.  I get the basics now.  It’s interesting.  I’m sure I can pick up on it fast. That’s my greatest strength is I learn extremely fast.  It’s not because I’m super smart.  It’s because I’m willing to put in more hours.  I love Will Smith’s quote in Pursuit of Happiness… if we both get on this trend mill two things are going to happen… either you will get off before me or I will die on this trend mill.  One of my favorite movies.  I grew up in Philly, so I had to watch every Will Smith movie.  But that’s my favorite.

What it comes down to is that it’s fun.  If you aren’t have fun doing something you probably should stop.  I have so many plans… after I’m done learning javascript.  The same was true about social media, ppc, and seo.  I wanted to learn the tools… since I have plans for how to use the skills.  I see a lot of value in understanding development.  I’m in crunch down mode… or as I call it eevee evolution mode.  I want to evolve my skill set.  SEO is still weaker than I would like… but it’s strong enough that I can just focus on learning to code.

If i’m really ambitious tonight I’ll put together a few study guides.  Monday will be a nightmare.  Dinner plans… and then making a contest video that should have been done this weekend.  It doesn’t help that my ipad has gone into auto correct mode.  Editing and blogging on an ipad is an experience.  I’m not sure making study guides with the current limitations is a good idea.  But I really need ten pieces of content.  Decisions decisions.

What I love about online marketing is that it’s real.  Social media for example counts everything in likes, follows, retweets, etc.  PPC is all about conversions.  SEO is about ranking for keywords.  It’s so result centric.  I love it.  If a social media marketer can’t run their own social media well… then why would you give them the reigns of a larger account?  The same with PPC and SEO.  If there are no results… it’s not a mystery things aren’t working.  You either aren’t getting clients or your keyword ranking isn’t increasing.  Simple and clean.