List of Things I Need to Do on Sunday



No matter how depressing, it’s better to set out a list of things to do.  It helps me organize and pick which ones are the most importantly.  Ideally you could do all of them… but realistically no.  just no.  I make a list Saturday night… in this case it’s more like 5:15am.  By the time I’m done this blog and buffering it will probably be closer to 6.  Which means I won’t wake up until 10am… or maybe even noon.  But onwards to the list of things I need to finish Sunday.

  1. Patreon video… this video is a 1-2 hours affair when I talk about shipping… I’m not kidding.
  2. Hobby videos… batch of next week. I have to be smart here since it takes time to upload… and honestly they should have been filmed today and uploaded tonight (while I’m sleeping)
  3. Guttulus videos… not sure if it’s possible.  Maybe not.  Plus it’s not that important.
  4. Study Guides: This I should get done.
  5. Proposal for Joomla and Helix.  This is high priority.
  6. Grocery Shopping – I took inventory of my food supplies and I think I can make it another week.
  7. Cleaning – The house hasn’t looked this bad in a while.  Dirty dishes, leftovers, ew…  Medium priority.
  8. Cooking. I promised the GF.  So… medium priority.
  9. PPC excel sheets.  Higher priority.
  10. Laundry – Low priority.  I have a lot of clothing.
  11. Gym – I really need to…
  12. There’s another proposal I’m missing.  Oh the Magento one.  I should probably send an email now.
  13. What else…  is that it?  Gosh I hope so…

Sundays have always been the day I try to cram everything into. I’ve tried splitting it on Saturday.  But it doesn’t work that way.  Instead… what happens is if I’m working on Saturday it means my Sunday will be really bad… otherwise why would I work on Saturday?  So working on Saturdays isn’t the solution either.

I hope I have a productive Sunday.  i really need one. Again, I have a half work at home day on Monday. It allows me to grind late into Sunday night which is actually Monday morning.  Okay time to wrap this blog up and then put everything into the buffer.