List of Weekend Tasks to Be Done


The chances of me completing everything on this list is 0 percent.  It’s an ideal list… something I don’t have any hope of completing.  But I like making it, because it helps me prioritize and focus on what actually needs to be done.  I’m aiming for 50% this weekend.  Next weekend will be bad in terms of productivity because my sister is coming to visit.  End of the month… not the best time to visit… but what can I do?  Nada.

Clean: This has to be a priority due to working at home.  My home is messing.  I read a book summary… yes a summary of a book…. about how a clean work place makes you more productive.  I believe it.  Hence I need to clean my work area… and preferably my sleep area.

Sort: Ick… sort of the same as above.  But far more painful.  And overall a bad experience.  I can already feel the regret.

Hobby Videos: I probably need a 7 of them.  Maybe more.  Way too tired to start recording tonight… although that would put me in a good position.  Making videos is exhausting.. if only I could hire someone to help me…. hehe…

Guttulus Videos: Yup… these were not made last week at all.  And now the backlog of videos is dry.  I’ll probably title them 2016 how to learn SEO/ PPC/ Graphic Design/ Social Media/ Proposals/ and then something about agency life.  I want to make a video about PG, the worst PPC person ever… but that would be too mean.

Blogs: I would like a few of these… Going to crunch down on some tonight.  And then head out to CVS when it’s done.  12:54… luckily CVS is 24 hours… I could use ice cream.

Proposal: I have 5 or 6 I need to make.  They will take anywhere between 5-7 hours.  Essentially one Saturday if I work very hard.

PPC: I need to revamp at least one account.   Not enough traffic.  Boo.

Menu: Let’s talk about this later.  A simple exercise in graphic design.

Phone Calls: I get a lot of these now… I’m not sure why?

Errands; Too depressing to list them all.

Sales: Don’t ever stop.  Seriously don’t EVER stop.