Lost in the Proverbial Forest


I’m not sure what the title means.  I thought it would make a good title.  This weekend has been a mess.  Productivity wise, it’s not been bad.  No weekend when I set up my youtubes and this blog is all that bad.  Combined that’s like a day of work.  And I learned a new linkedin strategy.  I didn’t get to exercise… at all this week.  And my schedule is complexly off.  I’m not feeling great.  The weather changes are a bit much.  And I’m generally not in the best mood… I get grumpy when my schedule is altered.

I still have all of Sunday left.  Which puts me a head compared to most weekends.  If Sunday is as productive as normal Sundays, this will be a good weekend.  I’m not sure though.  I binged on Netflix last night.  Some bad movies.  Very bad movies.

I haven’t made much progress on my 2016 resolutions..   in fact instagram is going backwards.  And the other social medias aren’t moving.  Still early though.  There’s an entire year left… haha.  The only medium that is making progress is linkedin, which makes sense since it’s the one most likely to generate actual clients.  The other ones are more of a vanity feature.

The blogging has also been good.  It’s nice to sit down every morning and write something.  Or I guess every weekend and write a ton of blogs.  I wonder if I’ll ever look back.  I have a strict rule not to look at my old videos… too embarrassing.

I could use a lazy Sunday, and just watch the NFL playoffs.  I’m not even sure what all I have to do.  More craigslist postings… more linkedin.  Not sure.  I could compose a white paper.  Essentially, that’s my entire day.  I’m sure there’s a lot of client stuff I’m currently forgetting.  Well, if I can finish this blog it will make 5 blogs and 3 articles for the week.  Which is nice.  I already uploaded all the videos minus my hobby videos for Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday… since I can’t record those anyways.

This morning has gotten off to a good start.  No coffee yet.  And I should get a haircut later today.  My work at home schedule is really off… so this consider… it has already been a productive weekend.