Love is so Cruel



I’m not going to lie… I thought operating a website was going to be easy. I ran many websites before including pretty much all of my law school clubs… weird now that I think about it. Well it’s not easy… or cheap. It’s a love hate relationship. You love it since the content is fun to make and share. But I hate it because it’s unnecessarily stressful. My website as you may notice goes down randomly every few days. For long stretches of the day… it goes down. Until I eventually find out and notify the it team to fix it. I believe I am on my third server? Regardless. This hobby is both stressful and expensive. I guess all hobbies have this binary relationship. I just want my website to work properly.

On that note… I also paid a team to do SEO.  Don’t judge me.  haha.  Well apparently they’ve posted comments under my name about things they may not have understood… such as SEO.  And then tried to hide a clever backlink.  While the irony is certainly not lost on me… it’s probably not great for my reputation.  I don’t know… it is clever so I can appreciate it.  And I guess at the very least it is bold.

Just like all things you love… never outsource it.  From this point on, this website… this brand is mine.  And mine alone.  Not that it wasn’t to begin with.  I guess.. I’ll do a my own SEO.  And try to manage my own servers and things…  Fingers crossed I get my website back on my own server.  That way if it crashes its on me and I can fix it.  Or… it may just not crash… like ordinary websites.  I’m fine with either.