How to make money on Facebook (33 simple strategies)


How to make money on Facebook (33 simple strategies) 

Facebook is arguably the biggest social platform that millennials are conversant with. It therefore ranks as a marketplace with potential which when handled efficiently can generate income. When targeting the monetization of Facebook, here are 33 strategies that are workable.

Offer deals

Deals are what millennials love and offering them on the Facebook attracts followers which a brand pays a commission for the contact initiated.

Giving coupons

Providing followers with coupons that guarantee shopping experiences in the significant stores is a monetization strategy that the big stores pay an account holder for.

Hosting flash sales

The act of hosting flash sales for a big store on the Facebook pages with huge followings serves as a way of generating income with every sale.

Selling directly

A peculiar strategy that many account holders are looking towards is selling directly to the followers which generates revenue according to the reach the account commands.

Funneling audiences onto select pages

A seamless way of making money on Facebook is funneling audiences onto the select pages which pay a fee for every contact made owing to the funneling process.

Affiliate Ads

An effortless way of generating revenue on Facebook is the posting of affiliate Ads which are paid for depending on the number of posts and the reach in terms of followers.

Creating a Facebook App store

A Facebook App store allows an individual to sell and market products and services seamlessly for a fee that a marketer pays.

Posting signup incentives

Signup incentives are effective ways of getting subscribers for a product or service and posting the same for a brand or company attracts significant revenue from commissions.

Announcing products

The process of announcing products for companies that are fresh in the market earns an account holder some revenue owing to the exposure given to the corporation and the products.

Creating custom tabs for selling

The creation of custom tabs tuned for selling is a crucial strategy for making money on Facebook as it attracts brand ambassadors and companies looking to increase sales.

Facebook Comments Plugin

An emerging way of making money on Facebook that requires less monitoring includes the introduction of Facebook Comments Plugin.

Updating cover photo with bestsellers

A creative approach to monetizing the Facebook platform is the updating of the cover photo with the bestselling products from the big companies which pay a commission for the traffic generated.

Posting conversion oriented content

The goal of conversion oriented content is customer acquisition which companies pay top dollar for and with Facebook being cheaper, it is a thriving strategy for making money on Facebook.

Creating Lead Facebook pages

Lead Facebook pages always attract the big corporations in the industry who target a partnership that will benefit them with exposure and traffic.

Linkage to popular blogs

One way that has proven lucrative in the process of monetizing Facebook is the aspect of linking to popular blogs. An account owner gets paid for the traffic generated.

Business referral groups

Being part of a business referral group is a great way to make money on Facebook as it allows a commission based arrangement to be initiated.

Promoting blogs and videos

This is one angle celebrities are targeting since every post that promotes the blogs and videos attracts huge payments.

Posting classifieds

Companies that provide listings are characterized as having the capacity to pay top dollar to have the classifieds posted on the platforms with significant following.

Turning profiles into portfolios

Monetizing Facebook is seamless when the profile is turned into a portfolio which generates traffic and possible conversions that enhance customer acquisition.

Fan exclusive offers

The offering of fan exclusive offers is an advantageous way of making money on Facebook since it allows companies to pay the owner of a page to post the offers that attract high value clients.

Group deals

An innovative approach to making money on Facebook involves the offering of group deals which require a number of registrations for a deal to be unlocked.

Promoting one-per-user coupon codes

The idea with one-per-user codes is to attract traffic and ensure that followers are incentivized to share and become brand ambassadors which is a process that generates revenue.

Optimizing for target audiences

Money can be made on Facebook through an optimization strategy that targets specific audiences which companies are interested in.

Running surveys

Huge corporations that are interested in the following that a page has always target the information and data that can aid them convert the target audience. Running surveys and selling the data to the companies is a golden strategy.

Structuring a mailing list

Being able to structure a mailing list on Facebook exposes one to the possibility of having companies approach for a chance to tap into the resource.

Creating a storefront

The aspect of creating a storefront is a winner when it comes to making money on Facebook since it can be used for business to consumer dealings.

Utilizing F-commerce

F-commerce is a unique way to make money on Facebook and stands as one of the lucrative strategies that Facebook pages can explore.

Doing product reviews

A proven way of making money on Facebook is doing product reviews for the big companies that target a close association with customers and potential clients.

Marketing events

Promoting and hyping events stands as one of the creative ways of making money on Facebook as promoters and hosting companies pay a significant commission for the publicity.

Integrating Graph-Search

This stands as a complete strategy for making money as it exposes job seekers to the available jobs and utilizing the following that a page has is paramount to the level of exposure the jobs are able to have.

Generating leads

A Facebook page can be used as a platform for generating leads to websites and other landing pages which attracts a fee.

Marketing affiliate products

Promoting and selling affiliate products on a Facebook page attracts a commission with every sale which generates revenue.

Cross platform advertising

One of the emerging avenues for making money on Facebook is Cross platform advertising which makes use of the Facebook following and exposure to the direct client base.