How To Make Money With Google Ads [13 SIMPLE STEPS!]


How To Make Money With Google Ads [13 SIMPLE STEPS!]   

Did you know that you can make lots of money from Google Ads? Well, as we speak today, I know of people who make millions of dollars in a year through Google ads by simply playing their cards right?

There are a thousand and one ways you can use to earn online income from Google ads, all it takes is just a little skill and patience. Today we have highlighted 13 simple steps to take in-order to make money from Google Ads. The tips were provided in collaboration with a long time marketer that has made millions off this trade. Here are the 13 simple steps and tips on how to make more money from your Google Ads;

1. Custom search engine on your page 

Set up a custom search engine on your site. This enables the site get more AdSense units hence generating more income. The search bar should be placed either at the top or the bottom of the age where more people can access it easily.

2. Set up custom Channels

Setting up custom channels allows one to get a better feel of the strategies that are working and those that are not. Setting up custom channels is quite easy and maintaining them is not hard.

3. Use brighter colors when creating ads 

Changing the colors of your AD units. If you want people to click on your ads, you must create the perfect combination of colors that is pleasing to the eyes. It will capture the attention of your audience. Dull looking ads will go unnoticed most of the time.

5. Proceed with moderation 

Do not overdo things in an effort to gain more earnings. It is quite easy to get carried away as it always seems like you are getting paid for doing nothing. Regulate the number of ads that pop per session for example. Putting too much on the site is detrimental to user experience. In the long run, you will hurt your earnings as earnings will potentially slow down.

6. Cost-Per-Mille Ads 

Does your blog have a lot of traffic? Can you raise more than a thousand Impressions per week? Well then you might want to think about Cost-Per-Mille ads. These are ads that get you paid for every a thousand impressions.

7. Ad Positioning 

Ad units be placed high up the page. This ensures that the ad units are visible to any first time or regular visitors to the site. The more the visibility the higher the chances that the ad will be clicked by a user.

8. Put ads in the comments section

Comments sections usually come after articles that enables the users engage with the site by commenting on what they have read. Putting ads in this section ensures high visibility because most users read articles to the end hence it is improbable that they will not see the ad. This increases clicks on ads and potentially increases earnings as well.

9. Concentrate on one revenue stream

It is usually advisable to run other types of revenue generating efforts. However, it is good to try and concentrate on the performance of AdSense. Paying attention to on this ensures you get the best due to the fact that you will know what combinations work best and which ones to discard.

 10. Make ads “follow” the visitors

This is accomplished by setting the CSS so that ads follow visitors around. This is a great way to increase visibility. Care must however be taken to ensure that these ads to not become an inconvenience to the visitor as they navigate the site. This type of inconvenience can be a nuisance as one may lose visitors that are fed up with the nuisance.

11. Optimize the site for mobile traffic.

In this day and age, more and more people are using their mobile devices instead of personal computers in accessing the internet. This means that one will get a great deal of visitors using mobile devices. Optimizing the site to be easily navigable and mobile friendly is key increasing traffic to the site.

12. Investigate the performance of individual ad units 

It is very noble to investigate the performance of individual ads to determine how well or poorly they are doing. It always advisable to prioritize the top performing Ad units first. This can be accomplished by placing the Ad Units first on html. This ensures that you have the best ad available and easily visible.

13. Enable Placement Targeting.

This enables advertisers to include your website in their campaign. They may do this by naming or targeting a certain group. Advertisers find ad placements by either listing websites where they would like to advertise or by searching for placements that emulate the themes and topics they would like to target.