How to Make Money on Instagram: 33 Simple Strategies


How to Make Money on Instagram: 33 Simple Strategies 

Instagram, the most image-heavy social media platform, has managed to tap into, and cash in on people’s desire to share their lives via photos. Its user base has grown to a whopping 400 million monthly users hence presenting mouth-watering opportunities for influencers and marketers. Below are 33 strategies you can implement to make money on Instagram.

Build a strong following

How much money you make on Instagram will directly depend on the size and loyalty of your followers.

Craft an attractive bio

Have an impressive bio that will appeal to all who come across it.

Include a link to your site in your bio

You can incorporate a link into your bio to guide those who are interested in knowing more about what you have to offer to your website.

Include contact information in your profile

It could be a personal email address or a phone number; this way, those interested in knowing more concerning what you have to offer will easily contact you.

Choose a content niche

Have a dominant content niche so that people can relate you with something specific. It could be fitness, food, baking, etc.

Include keywords in your bio

In line with the niche you have chosen, include relevant keywords in your bio to increase your visibility.

Post frequently

Posting often is one of the sure-fire strategies you can use to build your Instagram presence.

Do not post too many photos at a go

Do not post too many photos at once; you will only dilute the impact and effect of your posts.

Support a cause

Support a particular cause. It could be the environment, protection of wildlife, animal rights, etc. It will make you more likable.

Engage your followers

Engage with your followers to forge trust and an atmosphere of friendship which will facilitate loyalty.

Share interesting photos

Be careful not to be boring by sharing similar images. Be creative.

Share quality pictures

People will associate the quality of images you share with the quality of products you promote. Take advantage of this photo-product association by sharing high-quality images.

Share intimate pictures

The pictures you share should be personal so as to give people insight into the kind of person you are.

Develop a unique sense of style

Build a unique sense of style. It could be the use of a particular filter on all your pictures or a preferred style of dressing. People naturally gravitate towards unique individuals.

Post funny pictures once in a while

Funny and witty posts offer a great way to keep your followers engaged and interested.

Use hashtags

With Instagram, using hashtags is absolutely a must so as to make a post as popular as possible.

Make your hashtags relevant

Your hashtags should be unique and relevant to increase the value of your post rather than take away from it.

Use 5-10 hashtags per image

It is advisable to use between four and ten hashtags per image for maximum effect.

Build a network

Build a network with other people in your preferred niche. This way, you can all join to create an exponential number of followers that can be pitched to companies as an advertising platform.

Comment and like relevant posts

Make a habit of browsing through and commenting on other related posts. You will get new ideas and fresh insight.

Be an affiliate marketer

You can cash in on your audience by marketing affiliate products. Fashionable and popular items particularly sell well on Instagram.

Become an Instagram influencer

You can use your audience as a bargaining chip to become an influencer for major brands of your choice.

Pay other influences to market your products

Pay other influencers to market your products and boost sales.

Get involved in well-paying campaigns

Having a network will help you know well-paying Instagram campaigns that you can get involved in to make a quick buck.

Promote your business

If you have a business, incorporate your Instagram account into your social media marketing strategy to boost sales.

Share exclusive, behind-the-scenes photos

Share behind-the-scenes photos concerning your business, or something you are passionate about to endear yourself to your followers.

Make sponsored posts

Many companies are willing to pay for sponsored posts featuring their products. You can use this channel to make money by creating images promoting particular brands and products.

Showcase your photography skills

If you are a good photographer, Instagram can get you photography gigs by offering a platform to showcase your skills.

Sell your photos

You can sell the rights of some of your professional images to willing buyers to make some money.

Use offers to promote sales

Create offers and discounts to offer value and drive sales when promoting products.

Utilize time-limited discounts

Using time-limited offers is a good way to give your followers a subtle nudge to be more proactive regarding purchasing products.

Do brand takeovers

Brand takeovers refer to posting your pictures on someone else’s account to reach more people.

Sell your Instagram account

If you feel tired with the rigors of having to post personal pictures daily, you can opt to sell your Instagram account.

As aforementioned, the trick with Instagram is to build a large, loyal following. Once a good following is in place, money making opportunities will automatically follow.