How To Make Money With Linkedin [13 SIMPLE STEPS!]


How To Make Money With Linkedin [13 SIMPLE STEPS!]   

LinkedIn is not only the largest professional network but also the fastest in terms of growth and new subscriptions. LinkedIn is full of working professionals from literally every field and it naturally poses as a great marketplace from which you can make lots of money. There are a thousand and one ways to make money from LinkedIn but very few people have an idea of how to maximize on the available professionals on the platform.

So how exactly do you monetize your endeavours on LinkedIn? Working with a long time LinkedIn marketer, we have provided 13 Simple Steps on how to make money from LinkedIn without having to break a sweat. Here are the 13 simple steps on making money from LinkedIn;

1. Create a large LinkedIn Group

Create a LinkedIn Group around an interesting and relevant topic. Grow your mailing by using welcome and announcement emails to promote free content giveaways, webinars, and auto-responder educational sequences to get your group members to your list. Ask new members to ask their friends to join this group. The higher the number of subscribers the better chance you stand of eventually getting something tangible from them.

2. Sell your products in LinkedIn

Are you selling certain products? Well, LinkedIn is a very good marketplace. Share the link to your main webpage to the LinkedIn groups and connections and you never know when someone will come buying from you.

3. Create and invite people for free webinars on LinkedIn

Invite members on LinkedIn to free webinars and promise to give them information about something or free training about something. During the webinar, you can squeeze in some information about your products and urge the audience to buy from you if they can.

4. Promotion section

There is a promotion section to every LinkedIn group and you can take advantage of this to add information about your products and services to let member of your group to see your content and products. You never know when people will come knocking for your products.

5. Advertise on your profile

Add your new products and links to your webpage under the projects section of your LinkedIn profile. The projects and publications section of your LinkedIn profile are the only ones that offer the ability to directly link to your website. This is a prime location to place your products and services for people to see.

6. Make explainer videos and how to video on your profile to sell your products

Do you sell electronics for example? Why not add a short relevant video explaining how something about phones is done as a media element on your LinkedIn profile. This is a magnet attracting people to take a look at your profile and possibly they will purchase from you.

7. Be active in relevant groups

If you are in certain LinkedIn groups that discuss content relevant to your business, make sure you are an active contributor so that other members will take note of you. People will want to take a look at your profile and if they find your products, they will most probably order some because of the interaction levels from the group.

8. List your services

Create listings for each and every service you offer and let people know what exactly it is that you do. Add images, banners and testimonials to make people believe in power of the service that you offer.

9. Identify your niche market

If you are in the real estate market for example, identify your niche market and people with similar interests and join their groups. This is the prime location from which you can not only get potential clients but also valuable information that will help you in the future.

10. Sponsors

LinkedIn is a full of potential sponsors and people who could help you kick-start your business. If you own a start-up, go scavenge on the search page and seek potential sponsors who might be interested in your product and pitch to them. There are millions of success stories of people who got funding from LinkedIn and started their business.

11. Affiliate marketing

We all know how lucrative affiliate marketing can be when properly done. There is no better place to do affiliate marketing than LinkedIn. Here is a place full of professionals cutting across all the economic classes and identifying the perfect niche to market to, is not a hard ask. Share affiliate links to relevant groups and you will reap big in the end.

12. Seek employment

Why whine about being jobless when you can access millions of employers on LinkedIn? All you need to do is to curate and gear your LinkedIn profile in a bid to impress your potential employers. Identify the specific job type you are looking for and step up self-marketing efforts. In no time, you will be employed in your favourite industry.

13. Create ads on LinkedIn

Create adverts on LinkedIn and target the demographic group best suited for your product or service. Include lucrative ‘magnets’ like free newsletters, discount codes and other prizes for people that agree to sign up to your mailing list or make a purchase from you.