How to make money on Snapchat: 33 simple strategies


How to make money on Snapchat: 33 simple strategies 

Officially released in 2011, Snapchat’s growth has been phenomenal. The communication app currently boasts of between 150-200 million users per month who exchange over 500million messages daily. What’s more, the majority of users are between 18-24 years. With its extensive reach and particular user base, Snapchat offers golden money making opportunities. Below are 33 simple strategies you can use to make money on Snapchat.

Build a big audience

As with all social media platforms, you first have to build a big audience. The larger the audience, the more influence you will have and the more money you will be able to make.

Add all people in your contact list

In line with building a bigger audience, add all Snapchat users in your contact list; the chances are that they will follow you back.

Add as many people as you can

With Snapchat there are no caps concerning the number of people you can add such as with other social media sites. Therefore, add as many people as you can to boost your presence.

Share appealing content

Take time to come up with fresh appealing content that will tantalize your audience.

Make your content deep

Your content should be deep and engaging. Interviews with notable people such as successful personalities make for in-depth content.

Build trust

Put effort into building trust with your audience through your content. People are more likely to purchase from people they trust.

Create a personal brand

Exhibit a deep passion regarding something such as love for animals. It will endear you to your followers.

Use personality marketing

Share personal content. It will help develop a sense of intimacy between you and your followers.

Post niche content

Unique, niche content will make you more popular. Fuse it with personality marketing for increased effect.

Be consistent

Strive to be consistent in content creation to create a resounding presence.

Ask for snapbacks

Snapbacks are one of the ways through which Snapchat users can communicate back. Ask for snapbacks in your posts to initiate interaction with your followers.

Use demo videos

Use the video feature to your advantage by creating helpful demo videos that appeal to millennials.

Record videos with background music

Snapchat allows users to record videos with music in the background. Use this feature to make your videos “cool” and charming.

Utilize testimonials

Use testimonial videos to show that whatever you have to offer makes clients happy.

Interact with your followers

Whenever you can, interact with your followers in a professional manner.

Post your snapcode often

Post your snapcode onto other platforms so that other people can add you.

Pay for shoutouts

Pay influencers to give you shoutouts which will help you gain a bigger following.

Use animal snaps

According to research, people are more responsive to animal pictures. You can post pictures of you with your dog, cat, etc.

Use the appeal of beautiful women

You can never go wrong with making posts and videos featuring good looking women. Be careful not to cross lines that may negatively impact your personal brand.

Make use of the “Live” feature

Snapchat has a live feature which focuses on a particular story of interest for a day. If you can manage to get involved in the live feature, you will be able to get exposure to a wider audience.

Always have “location” on

Make sure your location is always turned on since it increases your chances of featuring in Snapchat’s Live feature.

Sell in demand products

With a big audience at your disposal, focus on selling in demand products to increase your chances of making handsome returns.

Offer discounts

Everybody loves a good deal. Offer discounts to stir your followers into purchasing your products.

Use expiring offers

Tap into the inherent human fear of missing out by incorporating a timeline into your offers.

Offer free, inexpensive things

Every once in a while, offer something inexpensive for free. For instance, a gift for the first 10 or 20 people to “snapback” you.

Focus on selling physical products

Physical products tend to have more willing buyers on Snapchat compared to other types of goods.

Avoid hard sell tactics

Using hard sell tactics and forceful marketing is the easiest way to irritate your followers and destroy the trust you have worked so hard to build.

Include URLs in your photos

Incorporate URLs into your photos to direct people to your website. You can use Emoticode to overlay URLs on your pictures.

Become an affiliate marketer

Choose a company with products millennials are likely to buy and become one of their affiliate marketers to make some money off your Snapchat following.

Collaborate with popular Snapchat users

Collaborate with other popular “Snapchatters” in order to build a strong network that will benefit all involved.

Pay influencers to promote your products

As of now, many Snapchat influencers are not yet charging high rates to promote products to their followers. Find cheap influencers and pay them to promote your products.

Use geofilters

Make use of geofilters to brand your pictures and build your brand at a faster rate. However, do not brand all your pictures as it may dilute their intimacy.

Be cool

Millennials like cool people. Strive to put yourself across as a cool person so that other users can easily identify with you.

The best thing about Snapchat is that it is relatively new and marketers and multinationals are yet to flood the platform. By creating a healthy Snapchat presence, you will be well aligned to take advantage of future opportunities.