How To Make Money With Tumblr [13 SIMPLE STEPS!]


How To Make Money With Tumblr [13 SIMPLE STEPS!]   

Did you know that you can make lots of money on Tumblr? Do you know that there are marketers and business owners who are making millions every month courtesy of Tumblr? Well, today we want to highlight a few way that you can use to make money from Tumblr without struggling.

Before we delve into the ways of making money from Tumblr, it is important to highlight why Tumblr is such a prime platform for making money online. Besides the fact that it is free to sign up and easy to use, Tumblr has more than 110 million active users. People from all corners of the world use Tumblr on a daily basis and this means that there is a ready market for selling and advertising of products. Despite its potential in terms of marketing and business, Tumblr only has meagre numbers when it comes to marketers and active business people on the platform. Very many people prefer the likes of Facebook and Twitter to Tumblr. Little do most people know that Tumblr is the real gold mine with a lot of potential! Today we want to show you how to dig into the gold mine that is Tumblr and start making money. So, how do you make money from Tumblr?

Here are 13 Simple Steps of making money from Tumblr;

1. Create premium ads on Tumblr 

Got a business you want to promote on Tumblr? Why not make premium ads and promote your business to masses on Tumblr? You can create ads using AdSense and other alternatives to come up with ads that will help more people see your services and products.

2. Sell your ad space on Tumblr 

If your blog on Tumblr is doing great, you could sell some ad space and make lots of money. There are companies left right and centre looking for ad spaces on the most popular blogs on Tumblr. If your blog has a constant flow of visits, then you can sell the same for a good amount of money.

3. Sell Tumblr themes 

Believe it or not, there are people looking for innovative and exciting themes to buy for their Tumblr profiles. If you can design great Tumblr themes then consider designing these themes and other templates and sell them in Tumblr Theme Garden.

4. List your services 

There are a number of services that are popularly sought after in Tumblr. A good example is the buy custom made themes phrase which is used by more than 5000 people on Tumblr every month.

5. Post links to your online shop 

Do you have an online store? Take a few photos of the products and some of the services your company offers and post them on Tumblr. Include a link to your store under the photos and let people see your services.

6. Help others set up their Tumblr profiles 

There are newbies on Tumblr who want other senior gurus on the platform to set up their profiles at a small fee. It might look like a joke of a job but trust me I know of a friend who made $250 in three days for just setting up Tumblr pages for people.

7. Sell your artworks 

Are you an artist? Do you do photography? Well, you can sell your works on Tumblr together with other social media platforms to make a living. Just share some awesome photos of your work and share a link to your gallery or website and people will come calling for your work.

8. Seek employment on Tumblr 

LinkedIn and the other social media platforms are saturated with resumes and people looking for employment. Why not move away from these saturated platforms and look for employment on Tumblr.

9. Affiliate marketing 

You can share your affiliate marketing links on Tumblr if you normally get a good number of visits. The more click you get, the higher the chances of someone making a purchase or a subscription using your link. Just make sure that you don’t overdo your product marketing. Too much affiliate product marketing on Tumblr can be deemed as a violation of the user rules and you can be banned from using Tumblr.

10. Promote your books and eBooks on Tumblr

If you are an author looking to sell your books, then consider using Tumblr. Post a few excerpts from your books and let people get a rough idea of what the book is about and then post a link to Amazon or your online store for people to access the books.

12. Include Reviews and Testimonials on your page 

If you sell products or services and have some people who have been kind enough to write reviews of the products, then consider making a post about this reviews and testimonials to make other people be a little interested in your services as well. Just be honest in writing the reviews and don’t exaggerate a thing.

13. Help people find various services 

There are people on Tumblr looking for a myriad of services and can’t quite trace a way of finding these services. You could help these people find the services they need for a small fee. New people in towns and countries make posts everyday looking for various services and if you can help them trace the services they need, you will make cool bucks.