How to make money on twitter (33 simple strategies)


How to make money on twitter (33 simple strategies) 

Twitter is one of the standout social media platforms that can be monetized to good effect. There are varied avenues that can be utilized when trying to monetize twitter and 33 simple strategies that can get one started include:

Sponsored tweets

Having sponsored tweets is one way to make money on twitter since the sponsor pays for every tweet that is posted by a publisher which translates to steady income.

Tweet peddling

What tweet peddlers do is set a price for tweets and have marketers approach them for a chance at having their tweets featured. Tweet peddlers get steady income from this strategy.

Share campaigns

One of the effective avenues to make money on twitter, share campaigns enable a publisher to earn by starting a push for sharing tweets to other followers which makes the content viral.


This is a strategy that publishers use to advertise to their specific audience at a custom price. It targets the target audience directly.

Generate leads

Generating leads for merchants and other platforms is a way to make money on twitter since a publisher is paid per lead or for the leads that actually convert.

Joining Twitter Adder Affiliate Program

This is one of the lucrative strategies for making money on twitter since a publisher is paid 50% commission for the affiliate service.

Drive ecommerce sales

A particularly profitable avenue for making money is driving ecommerce sales which involves selling online products.

iTunes affiliate

with this strategy, a publisher is given between 4 and 5% commission for the affiliate program running on their handle.

Groupon marketing

Being a Groupon marketer provides a publisher with an opportunity to have 10% commission on sales generated owing to the referral that is received from the handle.

Tweet swapping

With significant success in recent times, tweet swapping involves one publisher tweeting about another handle and the products or services offered for a fee and vice versa. It mainly works for related or complementary products. referral program

The avenue offered by gives publishers a chance to earn 25% commission for referring a customer.

Highlighting online content

Many companies and corporations always try to find the publishers with a huge following who can highlight their online content for a fee.

Drive traffic

Customizing content and publishing display Ads is another way to earn revenue and therefore make money on twitter.

Provide customer service

One of the easiest ways to make money on Twitter is providing customer services that resonate with the followers that an account has.

Run contests

Contests are sure winners when it comes to making money on Twitter since it attracts traffic and generates revenue from clicks.

Structure giveaways

Giveaways attract a large following and referrals which are effective when targeting a marketing campaign that earns revenue.

Utilize CloudFlood

CloudFlood lets publishers offer products for a share or a tweet which is a great way to monetize Twitter.

Exclusive offers

Publishers have a way of making money on twitter by structuring exclusive offers which can only be unlocked by subscription or tweets.

Custom content links

An innovative way to make money on twitter is offering links to custom content that the target audience is tuned to go for at a fee which generates revenue.

Viral hashtags

Taking up viral hashtags on request from a company or brand is another way to make money seamlessly since the exposure serves the company as well as the publisher.

Brand endorsements

Endorsing a brand is one of the most notable avenues for generating income on twitter. Brand endorsements earn revenue per click which is profitable for publishers.

Parody Twitter accounts

Setting up parody twitter accounts is unique and creative approach towards monetizing the social platform as it is based on subscriptions.

Promotional tweets

The best use for twitter ranks as utilizing it for promotional tweets. In this, marketers and PR teams can approach a publisher to carry their promotion at a fee.


An innovative approach to monetizing Twitter is using the platform to pitch a new product or announce a new release which generates income for a publisher.

Event advertising

Twitter can be used to advertise events and create a buzz around a particular theme for which a publisher gets paid by the promoter.

Recruitment drives

It is possible to use Twitter for recruitment drives where a publisher creates a setup where they inform followers of the recruitment opportunities at a fee charged to the recruiting agency.

Link Prospecting

One of the pronounced ways of making money on Twitter is link prospecting which is a strategy that many celebrities have utilized over time.

Promote Ads

A unique way to generate income on Twitter is promoting Ads and giving followers more information about a promotion which a marketer pays for.

Audience Development

Offering audience development on Twitter is one way to monetize the platform as it opens an account to varied clientele.

Utilize MyLikes

MyLikes being a platform where a publisher can organize likes and mentions, it offers a mode of getting paid for every click on the likes and links.

Take advantage of Buzzer

Buzzer offers publishers a way of earning from promoting other Twitter pages which pay a premium amount for the traffic they will receive as a result of the promotion.

Netflix affiliate

One of the seamless ways of monetizing Twitter is utilizing the Netflix Affiliate program which requires account owners to publish affiliation links which earn a commission for clicks made.

Amazon Associates

Being an Amazon Associate is one of the favorable avenues for making money on twitter since all that is required is the publishing of links that direct followers to specific Amazon pages.