Making Pad Thai Late at Night


Wire Framing and Prototyping aren’t things I’m particular adept at.  However, in a startup you have to become good at things you aren’t… very fast.  The grind is real and extremely fun.  The only thing I’m missing is some pad thai.  Otherwise it would be law school again.  Gosh… I miss the pad thai… Wait… I can go to Walmart right now and buy some frozen pad thai.  Okay… I’ll be back.

Yup got some pad thai.  Yum.  Part of the appeal of working late at night is that you can munch on food you normally don’t have.  I still remember all the chicken and rice runs my friends and I made at 2-3am in the morning.  I miss those adventures so much.  Or the 5am video game sessions.  I would never go back to school… but college and law school was a blast.  Even high school was super fun.

Anyways I’m starting to cook the pad thai now.  I’ll add the picture as a cover.  My life is so much fun right now.  I work in downtown Houston which I love.  I get to work on a project I believe in.  And unlimited cupcakes and red bull… as well as diet Dr. Pepper.

I’m glad I made the change.  I’m much happier than I was 2 months ago.  And although i’m working harder, I don’t feel any stress.  I get to learn, grow, and begin really good at something I love.  In short, this new adventure is 10 times better than the last adventure.  And I finally found out how high I can go… at least for now… haha.  I’m sure in a year I’ll look at my current productive and laugh.

Anyways, my pad thai is almost done cooking.  I probably should finish my udemy course today on wireframes and launching a prototype.  I miss New York City…  I should schedule a weekend vacation soon.  After this project launches.  🙂