How to manage millennials – 12 tips


How to manage millennials – 12 tips      

Millennials are misunderstood to a great extent owing to their outspoken nature and go-getter attitude which comes out as rude if not taken into context. When dealing with millennials, care has to be taken to ensure that they are managed well for their productivity to be exploited to the full extent. Millennials are a great resource if handled with the required attention to detail and consideration. Here are 12 tips that individuals can use when trying to manage millennials.

Value their contribution

There is nothing millennials appreciate more than being valued and their contribution being taken into consideration. The concept of inclusivity is very dear to millennials which means that they need to feel that their contribution is valued if they are to go ahead and work tirelessly to accomplish great things.

Know how to handle the “Why?” question

This is where millennials collide with individuals from the Gen X and Silent Generations. Millennials have been identified as always wanting an answer as to why factors are being handled the way they are. The “Why?” question is very popular among millennials as they seek to understand the decision-making process and how they fit in within the overall goal and vision of an organization or project. This is the only way through which millennials contextualize decisions and it therefore has to be put into consideration when managing the millennials.

Harness creativity

When managing millennials, preparing an environment whereby they will be able to harness creativity and increase their creative productivity is a factor that has to be captured. Millennials are known to have plenty of startup ideas and creative developments that with the right guidance, can be of great importance and success. Instituting a creative department therefore ranks as the best course of action when managing millennials.

Allow space for experimentation

Millennials have an affinity for experimentation and it is this experimentation that leads them to great discoveries. With the learning curve higher, it means experimentation is key to their growth and overall knowledge and skill development and allowing space for experimentation stands as the best strategy to manage the millennials effectively.

Structuring empowerment programs

The major step in managing millennials stands as the structuring of empowerment programs that inspire the personal development. Whether it is encouraging the millennials to own a project or run with it to reach the measurable difference intended, empowerment projects work wonders since they impact the capacity to deliver that the individuals have which is the customize ability needed at the workplace.

Provide feedback

Millennials are a clique of individuals who love it when they get feedback that will spur their development. Feedback enables millennials to have the capacity to generate new ideas as well as implement newer concepts aimed at bettering an experience. Millennials are not known to be patient enough to work on a project and deliver a polished product but instead work in bits with feedback which is what acts as motivation.

Granting autonomy

One thing with millennials is that that they dislike working in an environment where they are being micromanaged. Millennials desire autonomy and minimum supervision which contribute to an environment where creativity can flow. Productivity is higher when they are independent, brainstorming and going with the uninterrupted flow of ideas and this is only possible when you allow them to lead.

Avoid condescending

A major mistake that you can do when trying to manage millennials is to adopt a condescending voice or opinion. Millennials work an average of 45 hours a week and a condescending voice prevents them from getting ideas getting off the ground. Avoid stereotyping the generation and you will see their productivity grow.

Incorporate wellness programs

Achieving a life-work balance for millennials is quite important so whether it is table tennis, chess, basketball or snooker platform; you should ensure you make their breaks interesting with the availability of these gaming platforms. The sporting and wellness programs ensure millennials recover and manage the experiences well.

Craft excitable future

Money is not a great motivator for the millennials and on the contrary, most are motivated by a projected exciting future that has them playing a major role in its development. When you craft an excitable future with them in a lead or significant role, you structure effective management of the millennial workforce.

Lead by example

Millennials note inconsistencies very fast and this is where many people lose the plot. Millennials need to believe you are all in which is what gives them a reason to believe in the overall project. Leading by example therefore serves as the best strategy you can use to manage millennials and be guaranteed that they will deliver accordingly.

Capitalize on their networking tendencies

There is no greater success when it comes to managing millennials than the act of capitalizing on the networking tendencies. When trying to manage millennials, the main goal is to ensure you build on their ability to network which is how they are able to find appropriate solutions for challenges.

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