Managing People is Difficult



I manage people.  It is not easy.  End of the blog… No seriously it’s not easy.  There are so many different personality types and everyone has a different incentive.  I’ll just talk about my YouTube.  I run the channel.  And it’s a one person channel.  I’ve worked with many people in the community to creative artwork, playmats, alters, etc etc.  Some of them work out and are still working with me… and some of them are not.  The ones that are not are the ones that I needed to micromanage.  Since, my channel is a hobby, there is no reason I should ever be stressed about something being done… or in most cases not being done.  I trust my artist to make decisions without me have to explicitly express what I want.  The best creative person is one who is allowed to be creative.

Over the last week… I’ve learned an important lesson.  Just because you pay someone doesn’t mean they are looking out for your best interest.  Overpaying someone is fine… as long as they do the job they were hired to do.  However, if you give an explicit request…  say but this sword in this artwork… and it is not done… then you have to cut ties.

Negotiating how much money to pay for is tricky.  You NEVER want to underpay an artist.  You ALWAYS want them to feel you are paying them fair.  However if you offer $80 and then accept… but then want more… it’s not a great sign for the future.

The best artists I’ve worked with had a strong understand of what their art skills were and what they deserved to be paid.  I don’t really want to waste time negotiating an amount… and then having that amount change without a convincing reason.

My YouTube channel has been an interesting experience.  It has taught me how to run my agency and what to look out for.  The mistakes I make on my channel… some of them pretty basic… help me figure out how to do a better job at the agency level.  Everyone makes mistakes… it’s better to make them on something that won’t affect your real business.

If nothing else… my YouTube Channel has taught me.. success is obtained when you hire the right people with the same goals and mindset as you.  If you hire the wrong person… you have to cut ties as soon as possible.  I’ve sort of figure out what certain signals mean.  It’s okay to waste a little bit of time.. but once you are sure you have to cut bait and accept that you hired the wrong person.

One of the most underrated things is personality fit.  My personality is unique… I expected a lot… in exchange I give a lot of freedom.  Anyways I just thought it was a nice night to post a rant.