How to Market Your Business on Pokémon GO


How to Market Your Business on Pokémon GO

The Pokemon Go app craze has hit the Smartphone industry as the most popular game. Also, it is becoming a major marketing tool for most local businesses. Most companies have jumped at the opportunity to research on how this app can help to grow their business. The firms take advantage of the fact that they are closer to a PokeStop or Gym to market their ideas. They lure or use guaranteed increase in foot traffic to their advantage.

You might run into some issues, but that doesn’t stop you from using the app for your marketing. All you need is some little creativity.  The best to learn about the marketing ideas it presents is to download the game, sign in, take a walk around your business, and start experimenting. Once you are familiar with Pokemon Go.  The following Pokemon-themed ideas can help to market your business.

Create a PokeStop Promotion

Players should visit PokeStops, which are the landmarks in the area to play better. The game has become a landmark into hot spots; hence, encourage the visitors to stop by your shop after hitting a PokeStop. Simply find the nearest PokeStop to your business and create a promotional around it in an alluring manner. Put the promotional messages in a way that customers can understand.

Pay To Have A Lure Placed Near Your Business

Pokemon Go players were initially wondering around trying to capture Wild Pokemon that sprung up unexpectedly during their walk. You can make more Pokemon to appear near your business since it allows players to buy lures to increase the number of Pokemon around a PokeStop for thirty minutes.

The more Pokemon you have around, the more players and potential clients you will have. The lures cost a few dollars; thus, experimenting with the idea won’t hurt your bank.  Be sure to promote the idea and tell customers when and where you’ll be setting up Pokemon Lures to encourage them to visit the place at specified times.

Film Pokemon Players

You could encourage your employees to ask the players for their permission to film them as they hunt. Also, they can film them after they have successfully caught an unusual Pokemon. Depending on your space, you could even have a drone fly over a large group of players congregating at a gym.

Host a Pokemon Hunt

Encourage clients to start their Pokemon Go tour at your business. You could set a date and time and go for a poke-hunt with some customers. It gives you an opportunity to know your clients better while doing something interesting. You can reward them with a premade Pokemon-themed coupon after the tour.

In case you are hosting a scheduled tour isn’t working for you, encourage your clients to take self-guided tours starting at your business.  Lure them to come inside to get their poke-hunt coupon before they head to their first stop. Promote the tour through social media and emails to ensure players claim their reward.

Encourage Players to Share Their Photo Memories

Snapchat is not completely out of the loop when it comes to Pokemon Go. However, you can still get customers to add your tailored geo-filter to their snaps from Memories. Encourage gamers to share snaps of them catching Pokemon inside your business.