Marketing Retainer Agreement Contract

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This Marketing Contract is entered on this day: ________ between Guttulus and ________.   Guttulus resides at:   ________   and Client resides at: ________. Client hereby employs and retains Guttulus to work on marketing regarding: [Insert Description of Work Paragraph]

Effect Time: This Contract is not effective and Guttulus has no obligation to provide marketing services until Client returns a signed copy of the Contract and deposits a retainer. Client must pay a deposit of X Dollars under the title “Marketing Fees” to engage services.

Scope and Duties: Client hires Guttulus to provide marketing services including but not limited to: [Insert List of Potential Jobs].

Cost and Expenses: Client shall reimburse Guttulus for all expenses related to the above marketing project outside the cost of labor.

Statements: Guttulus will send Client statements for fees and costs undertaken. Client is to pay for Guttulus’s services within 15 days of each statement’s date. Client may request Guttulus to provide a statement; Guttulus will provide the statement within 10 days after request. Unless otherwise notified, Guttulus will take fees and costs from the retainer portion. Guttulus will provide a statement of the remaining retainer amount at the end of each invoice. If no amount remains, Guttulus will ask for the retainer to be refilled.

Marketing Fees: You agree for fees and costs described in the signed contract to be take out as work is done. [Description of Marketing Fees]

Discharge: Client may discharge Guttulus at any time. Likewise, Guttulus may discharge Client at any time.

Conclusion: Once Guttulus has concluded services, all unpaid charges are immediately due. Guttulus will take money from the remaining retainer and issue a statement with a description of the charges. If money remains in the retainer, Guttulus will issue a check for that amount. If there is a disagreement over charges, the signed contract as to the project’s specifications will control. If disagreement remains, both parties agree to arbitration for the remaining amount.

Disclaimer: Successful marketing is not guaranteed. There are no promises as to results. All expressions of success should be construed only as opinions.