Marketing Transparency – Building Client Relationships in Houston


Marketing Transparency – Building Client Relationships in Houston 

How Much Data are You Sharing with Your Clients?

No longer limited by the once limited pool of available local stores, the online consumer community is increasingly selective about what they want and how they want it. Brand transparency puts the power in the user’s hands to make critical buying decisions, and social media makes it even easier.

Social media humanizes business

Modern consumers are interested in how companies handle their transparency and one way to assess this is how they communicate information- including responses to complaints. The social media gives them a sense that they are interacting with a real person.

Can transparency transform your brand?

Transparency breeds trust and trust builds brand loyalty- and big business too. It’s standard practice for established brands to create identity through storytelling; in what the brand believes in: its products and services. One way of selling the story is to base it on facts that offer clarity on how they make the goods and how they deliver services. Another way is to provide a platform for them to ask questions and share what they think about the brand.

However, it can be counterproductive if companies share half or convenient truths about their products.

Leverage consumer choice

There’s a reason your clients come knocking at your door- your brand offers something better than the competitor next door. Providing personalized services is the best way to ensure they get satisfied and remain loyal.

Allow clients to post honest reviews on your digital platform

Honest means both positive and negative reviews- though they may not say what you would like to hear. Responding positively to an unsatisfied client can paint a positive image to the brand. It’s also a good way to build credibility with your loyal customers and is likely to bring in more business.

Share your successes

Back up your claims by posting and sharing feedback from your loyal customers; this reassures others who might want to try out what you are offering.

And share your failures too

Now, you might think, why would anyone want to do that? Clients understand that the business world is no child’s play- serious competition in the market means some win the lion’s share while others lose out big. Sharing this information clears out the air about some possible doubts the clients may have in your brand- they can see deliberate effort to improve.

Avoid anonymity

Provide clear and valid contact information such as multiple phone numbers, physical addresses, and email. Share these in your social site page; people will quickly feel free to raise an issue, as questions or even give a simple complement to your business.

Build a strong online presence

Reach out to your target market through your website, social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat and interact with them. Update quality content frequently, and follow through with customer feedback- they will feel more comfortable dealing with a professional.

It all starts with exceptional service.

Earning customer’s trust starts with giving excellent service; most likely, they will continue to use your brand and recommend it to others too. Keep in mind that excellent service comes naturally rather than through meticulous planning.

Consistency breeds timeless quality for your brand

Launch one great product or service and your clients will ask for more. Satisfy them, and they will keep coming back for more. One way of being consistent is by creating expectations among your employees- the quality of service you expect from them.

Ask for permission to collect and use information

Unsolicited access and use of a client’s information can easily breach trust and confidence in your brand. People have a right to information; it should be clear and concise.

Hire employees who are passionate about serving your clients

Employees that consistently deliver excellent customer experience facilitate ongoing relationships and build on the positive image of the brand.

Seek opinion when making changes in your brand

Clients may feel put off when you make drastic changes to a product or service delivery without their knowledge. Consent here is not as important as just sending the word out, so it doesn’t get them off guard. They might even surprise you with valuable ideas to improve your brand; all which contribute to transparency.

Interact directly

Meet your clients personally whenever the moment presents itself. Talk about anything totally unrelated to business. Let them in on some upcoming product, service that is yet to be released, and ask for their opinion. Organize random events to launch a product or service and offer helpful tips and freebies.

A company can only win customer retention if it has a reputation of putting them first. All too often, companies are honest when they want to right-a-wrong, so the clients don’t run for the door; which doesn’t always work.

Consistency is the secret to building loyalty, a deeper relationship, exposing customer challenges and sparking innovation; it can dramatically earn trust, improve quality, raise confidence and increase customer retention.