Why Microsoft, Amazon are Supporting Lawsuit against Trump Immigration


Why Microsoft, Amazon are Supporting Lawsuit against Trump Immigration  

The technology giants in the United States of America have pledged to support the filing of the lawsuit against the Trump immigration ban. Media personalities, renowned companies and the members of the public are protesting against the new policy which they state that it is against the human rights. Washington-based tech companies are unhappy with most of the decisions of the United States President, Donald J. Trump, especially the signing of the travel ban.

Firms like Amazon, Microsoft, Expedia and many others have publicly stated that they do not support the new immigration policy initiated by Donald. Therefore, they will send legal officers to the courts of justice to protest against it. The three companies have joined hands to fight the policy in the court of law by stating that they will fund the whole process and fully support the attorney of the Washington State to file the lawsuit successfully.

Donald Trump signed the executive order blocking the entry of refugees and the immigrants, from seven Muslim countries into the United States of America. The nations affected by the ban include Somalia, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, and Sudan. Immigrants from these countries will not visit the USA, including the refugees. Activists and the members of the public view this decision as arrogant and discriminative to the Muslims in the world.

Amid the huge outcry from many people, Donald signed the executive order into law. The immigration ban has inevitable consequences because thousands of people are against it due of its discrimination towards the Islam. Trump has a general assumption that most of the Muslims from those seven nations are terrorists, which is an unfair accusation.

Amazon’s Pledge Against Trump’s Ban

The Chief executive of Amazon, known as Jeff Bezos, stated that his company would provide full legal resources, including attorneys and funds, to file the case against the order signed by the president into law. He emailed the employees of Amazon and told them that the company would put the necessary efforts to enhance the elimination of the instituted travel ban in the courts of law.

Jeff vowed to support the Washington State’s Attorney General in the process. One of the reasons that make Amazon support the Attorney of the Washington State is because their headquarters are in the state. Therefore, they do not want policies that are against the beliefs and religions of people in the state and the entire country.

The details in the email, which the CEO of Amazon sent to the employees, declare that they are having negotiations with the attorney general of Washington State to ensure that the Lawyer gathers sufficient resources and information to successfully file the lawsuit against the executive order signed by Trump. Additionally, Jeff states in the email that, they are evaluating all the legal options available to succeed in filing the lawsuit. The company’s legal team is working closely with the attorney to enhance maximum support.

Initially, Jeff’s statement about the immigration ban stated that the company’s commitment to equal human rights, diversity and tolerance will continue. They want to have a nation and leaders that value the rights of other people regardless of their religion or background.

After the announcement of Amazon’s opinion about the Trump’s travel ban, other multinational tech companies based in Washington State has also pledged their resources and full support to the filing of the lawsuit. Some of these companies include Microsoft and Expedia. Khosrowshahi, Expedia Chief Executive, expressed his anger by stating that, Trump’s order is a huge mistake and the worst decision ever made.

Microsoft’s View about the Ban

Microsoft has also expressed concerns about the Trump’s travel ban. The company is joining forces with Amazon, Expedia, and other firms to support the lawsuit filing process. Their aim is to prove that the immigration ban by Donald Trump is unconstitutional and against the rights of Muslims globally. Microsoft’s major concern is the impact the travel ban will bring to their employees.

They stated that they have workers from different countries in the world. Therefore, the ban will hinder their concentration at the workplace. It will play a significant role in lowering the productivity of these people. Other firms in the Washington State will also experience the same problems. It will hinder the development of the area and the entire United States of America.

Typically, the Trump’s action to sign the executive order into law is cruel to the Muslims living in the USA. There are hardworking and loyal citizens of the country who come from those countries banned by the immigration law. They feel humiliated because most of them will be deported to their nations, even those will legal documents. The ban will ruin the relationship of the United States with the affected countries. They will be unable to perform trade together in the future. Additionally, the relationship of the country and all the Muslims in the world will also be affected.

The immigration ban will cause the separation of families in the country. It will undermine Washington’s sovereignty. That is the reason why Amazon, Microsoft and other multinational companies in the USA are joining forces to ensure that the filing of the lawsuit succeeds.