Who do Millennials Admire? -12 People


Who do Millennials Admire? -12 People    

You can know a lot about a generation by its pacesetters and mentors, and for millennials, there is no shortage of people to look up to. Admired personalities run the gamut from titans of industry and leaders to actors and people of merit in personal networks. Of course, the admiration ranking differs greatly on a personal level but the 12 people below feature in many millennials’ lists of admirable individuals.

Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela patriotically and sacrificially played a part in helping South Africa gain independence and overcome institutionalized racial segregation suffering a painful 27 years in jail while at it. Recipient of over 250 honors and a Nobel Peace Prize, Mandela remains an icon and a shining light to many millennials and a genuine embodiment of a life well lived in giving and serving others tirelessly.

Pope Francis

Pope Francis is the first of many things including the first pope from outside Europe, the first Jesuit pope, and the first pope from the Americas. Known for walking the talk, Pope Francis is incredibly humble with a deep burden for the poor which he exercises to the extent of his abilities. He is also known for preaching mercy, acceptance and religious tolerance and his unorthodox approach has made him a darling to many millennials.

Matthew McConaughey

At 49, Matthew McConaughey has successfully rebranded and repackaged himself as an actor an astonishing number of times. It is this ability to successfully redesign himself that has made him such an admirable celebrity for millions around the world. From his early comedy days in works such as Dazed and Confused, he has gone on to win an Oscar for his part as a space explorer in Interstellar.

George RR Martin

The author of Game of Thrones, it is no surprise that George RR Martin is on this list taking into account the popularity of his work among millennials. With age catching up, some fans of his are deeply concerned that he might pass on without finishing his masterwork. Most fans, however, are just in awe as to how he was able to come up with something as creative and elegant as Game of Thrones – a production so popular that it has become one of the most pirated, anticipated, and expensive shows in the history of television.

Jeff Bezos

Millennials are big on entrepreneurship which has become an ideal career path for those seeking to make an indelible life mark. Top among the individuals who personify this focus and semi-obsession with entrepreneurship is Jeff Bezos, the man behind Amazon. Also an investor, philanthropist and scientist, Bezos represents the change one can make in multiple spheres by conquering the markets first.

Bill Gates

A permanent fixture in the world’s wealthiest lists, the co-founder of Microsoft is many a millennial’s mentor and sage. Admired by millions around the world, Bill Gates is a committed philanthropist and Author, but his fame primarily comes from his business acumen. His influence on social media is extensive, and his words of wisdom inspire millions judging from how his posts spread like wildfire.

Barack Obama

Despite the controversies that inevitably come with holding the highest office in the land, Barack Obama remains highly esteemed by many millennials. His journey from rags to the presidency, against backbreaking odds, is a perfect inspiration on why quitting on dreams, no matter how lofty, should never be an option. If Barack did it, many millennials feel they can do it too.

Steve Jobs

The co-founder of Apple, together with Steve Wozniak, started out in a garage with nothing but a dream. After working so hard to get Apple off the ground, he was later kicked out of his own company. He picked himself up, and he was hired back by Apple as a CEO managing to make the company’s star shine even brighter. Many millennials naturally admire him for his unparalleled feats and strokes of genius.

Elon Musk

The south Africa-born business magnate and founder of SpaceX and the CEO of Tesla is worth $16 billion. He is chiefly admired for his business exploits and his tireless efforts to better the world by providing greener, viable energy alternatives. As a child, he was severely bullied and even once beaten unconscious by a group of bullies. He rose above it all to become the high-ranking business personality he is today.

Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma inspired generations by his nonviolent civil rights campaign which helped India gain independence from British rule. In India, he is fondly referred to as the father of the nation and over 60 years after his death, his influence lives on, shaping up and appealing to the nobler virtues in many millennials’ hearts.

Richard Branson

With Richard Branson, the fact that millennials admire entrepreneurs more than any other demographic becomes crystal clear. The founder of Virgin is humble, and his pauper to business king narrative is both compelling and highly motivational. Millennials think highly of him in many respects.

Muhammad Yunus

A Bangladeshi entrepreneur, Muhammad was among the innovative and futuristic minds who came up with the micro finance and micro credit system. Through Grameen Bank, he has empowered many to break out of poverty winning a Nobel Peace Prize and several honors and medals in the process. His work added a fundamental dynamic to typical banking making him one of the most admired personalities.

In closing, there are many other individuals admired by millennials, and a list of 12 does not do the topic justice. What is for sure, though, is that millennials are deeply impressed by world changers who have overcome great odds to make the world a better place.

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