Millennials: Why they’re choosing Do It Yourself education 

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Millennials: Why they’re choosing Do It Yourself education 

DIY education has become a phenomenon among millennials and it is mainly due to the ease with which it allows the millennials to adjust to life and the overall concept of learning. Do It Yourself platforms have been massively embraced on the online platform and it is this aspect that brings forth the question as to why millennials are choosing DIY education. Here are possible explanations that identify the factors that are leading millennials to favor Do It Yourself education.

Spare expenses 

Millennials are able to spare expenses when they take on DIY education. The overall cost of learning a concept or polishing on an idea is enormous for a millennial considering the fact that they are the generation that is knee deep in student debt. The obvious inclination would be to therefore find a way to learn without spending a fortune and Do It Yourself education offers that pathway with ease.

Satisfaction in one’s ability

The beauty with DIY education is that it offers satisfaction in one’s ability. Millennials pride in being the generation that arguably has the most passionate and positively driven bunch of individuals. Exploring the abilities is therefore a factor that millennials target and nothing exemplifies this quest than their inclination to adopt DIY education.

Personal touch is crucial 

It is safe to say that millennials are obsessed with the personal touch in a world that has digitalized everything. Being able to put a personal touch to the education setting is what they crave more since it means they get to understand better and internalize concepts faster. DIY education offers the chance to have the personal touch on learning which is an admirable setting.

Target being unique 

Uniqueness to a millennial is like water to fish in the sense that every millennial always targets being unique to prove their capacity to exist as an entity. The only way to capture this unique setting is to learn differently and in a special scenario and this is exactly what is received when they utilize the online platform to take on DIY education.

Demystify the lazy tag 

Millennials have been labelled lazy and entitled for something that is mainly not their fault. Mechanization and digitalization of systems have made things easier from manufacturing to communication which has eliminated the need for manual organization of factors. Millennials are however trying to move away and demystify the lazy tag by targeting DIY education that will allow them to handle the ordinary tasks that were handled by older generations.

Target the experience of creating something 

Just as with the mission statement of the platform, creating something unique and special is the goal of every person in the world today. The experience of creating the unique and standout element is what appeals to millennials. Choosing Do It Yourself education is therefore a way to go after the knowledge that will enable the millennials develop something they can be proud of.


Millennials are known as the generation that is concerned with balance in everything they are associated with. Personalized education gives the balance in that it allows people to have flexibility in terms of the way they take in information and process the same.

Online convenience

The convenience of the online platform is hard to deny and this is what millennials are looking to take advantage of. The convenience offered by the online platform therefore becomes useful since millennials look to access the information that can enable them handle varied challenges of the real world and this is what makes up the DIY education.  

Aspect of learning while at it is attractive 

DIY education is unique in the sense that it allows millennials to learn on the job. The aspect of learning while doing the respective task is very attractive to the millennials. Applying the knowledge learnt in the education institutions is another important factor in DIY education and this makes for an engaging affair for the millennials.

Opportunity to add to skillset 

Skills for the real world are very crucial and with millennials being considered the digital generation who have none of the skills, it becomes important that they are able to learn the same. Nothing offers a favorable path to adding the necessary skillsets than Do It Yourself education which is why millennials are going for it.

Opens up lines to entrepreneurship 

The beauty with DIY education is that it is a pathway to sustainable income over time. Millennials are increasingly using the mindset of “doing it yourself” to start a business and this explains the huge success that millennials are having with entrepreneurial ventures.

Explore talent and passion 

Millennials are known as the generation that is not afraid to explore their talent and passions and nothing enables them get ahead in life than the DIY education they get.

DIY is alternative education 

YouTube, Blogs and other online resources offer a pathway to learn anything. Structured learning that is fast and costs less is what millennials target with DIY education. The positive aspect about Do It Yourself education is that it is a different education option.