What millennials want in a job – 15 tips for hiring millennials


What millennials want in a job – 15 tips for hiring millennials    

The job market has taken a major evolution with advent of the millennials entering the job field and it has become a spectacle of note to the employers since it impacts how recruitment is done. There are several stipulations and ethics associated with the workplace that millennials like to note before they take up a job offer. For millennials to thrive in a specific job, they have to have the capacity to conform to the job demands.

Opportunity for harnessing creativity

Millennials need to be at a job that will enable them harness their creativity and bring their ideas to the fore. Having the opportunity to harness creativity stands as a major consideration for the millennials since it means they get to achieve more than one phase of career development.


Flexibility is a core consideration for the millennials since they need a job that will enable them have the freedom to tweak the working hours so that they deliver when they are at their peak productive capacity. Instead of being locked on the desks and cubicles while not delivering 100%, millennials desire having some flexibility that will enable them structure new ways of facing and handling challenges including the workplace tasks.

Opportunity to grow

A major consideration millennials make before accepting a job offer is whether they will have the opportunity and capacity to grow. Growth in the industry is paramount for millennials and they thus need a job setting that will enable them achieve the same seamlessly.

Favorable compensation package

Though not the main consideration, a favorable compensation package appeals to the millennials since many have been brought up and have started working when the economies across the world have been hit by lowered minimum wage thresholds.

Incorporation of new and developing technology

Access to technology is key for millennials and it also serves as a major consideration when it comes to the jobs they take up. when hiring millennials, incorporation of technology to assist in meeting the goals and objectives of the job should be a factor that is taken seriously since it is something they hold in high regard.

Interest in type of work

Millennials will not take up a job that they are not genuinely interested in. Millennials only take up a job if they have passion for it and are willing to provide their input to better and improve productivity in the process.

Chance to learn

A major factor to note with millennials is that they are always looking to learn and will therefore target and leverage a learning opportunity at any setting and this includes the job they are in. millennials need to know that they have the chance to learn and better their skillset when working at their respective stations.

Informal working environment

It is often portrayed that millennials hate order but that is could not be further from the truth. What millennials need at the workplace is an element of inclusivity where the overall mood is not rigid to formality. With an informal setting, millennials are able to present more productivity and be comfortable at the workplace.

Opportunity for advancement

Unfortunately, most millennials view their jobs as stepping stones to better opportunities. They always view their immediate role as a platform that will catapult them to the next level in career development. Providing that stepping stone is one way to attract the millennial workforce.

Alignment with life goals

Any job a millennial takes up must be aligned with the life goals set. This is a core consideration since many view their jobs as part of their life and they thus have to have all the pieces in an aligned setting that will prove complementary.

Quality management

What many recruiters don’t understand with millennials is that they desire quality management that is inspiring and nurturing. Millennials desire to have personable leaders that will provide definitive guidance and at the same time prove to be strategic thinkers, visionaries and inspirational figures

Inclusive idealistic development

Millennials want a job where they can experience inclusive idealistic development and capitalize on the available opportunities. When trying to hire millennials, promoting inclusive idealistic development is key.

Nurturing environment

The beauty with millennials is that they always look to grow and they thus need a nurturing environment that will give them a chance to develop. An environment that nurtures talent is exactly what millennials need.


Millennials want to have a job that will supply them with mentorship for their career. They need to secure their future endeavors and in this, an employer must provide an enabling environment in terms of giving feedback so that the millennials know when they are making the right steps.

Work-Life balance

Setting the workplace to have a work-life balance culture is precisely what millennials need in order to thrive. The balance between their work and personal or social life is key and the job should therefore be fun, engaging and with opportunities to network aside from the office setting.

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