Mobile App Developer in Houston Texas


Mobile Developer

? 4+ years of Software Design and Development experience in Android/ android Tablets and Java-based applications.
? Working knowledge of Microsoft Office (word, Excel, Power Point, MS project, Access and Visio).
? Thorough knowledge of Android/ android Tablets Application Framework.
? Thorough experience and knowledge in Android/ android Tablets UI Design and Application Frameworks such as Activity Manager, Fragments, Resource Manager, Notification Manager, Location Manager, Telephony Manager, Content Providers, REST API’s etc.
Android/ android Tablets Developer
October 2013 to Present
Description: Decision Research Corporation (DRC) is a software development and information technology company. DRC provides policy administration software solutions to the Property & Casualty insurance industry.

Environment: Android/ android Tablets SDK 3.0, SQLite 3.6, Eclipse IDE 3.5, Android/ android Tablets API’s, JDK 1.6, XML, JSON, GPS, ADT Plug-in, CVS (version control), Logcat, DDMS console.

• Developed user-friendly user-interfaces using widgets like Menus, Dialogs, different Layouts, Buttons, Edit boxes and Selection widgets like List View and Scroll View as per client need.
• Added a feature to app to detect internet connection status before making any HTTP Requests.
• Added search functionality to list view items will filter the list data with a matching string.
• Integrated Google Maps into the application using Google Android/ android Tablets location-based APIs to display addresses and locations.
• Experienced in developing app handling XML data using efficient parsing technique such as DOM/JSON parsers.
• Applied knowledge of SQLite and data persistence to develop an offline feature that allows the user to access app without network connection.
• Populated spinner data from SQLite database by using simple spinner which allows selecting an item from a drop down menus and to store user and app data into SQLite database
• Implemented the event reminder feature into the app using services, a sync tasks and alert notification API.
• Used Android/ android Tablets content providers for implementing features like sending E-mails, SMS, etc., from the app.
• Designed the app to take pictures with a camera at any time to collect images.
• Used RESTFUL web services to consume a web service.
• Used CVS for project management and version control.
• Worked on debugging the application using Logcat, DDMS.
• Worked in an agile environment delivering in short turn-around times.

Sr. mobile Developer
September 2011 to October 2013
C# 4.0, jQuery, Entity Framework, SQL Server, TFS 2010, MVC

Roles & Responsibilities
• Instituted and trained fellow developers on a custom Data Access Layer utilizing the Entity Framework LINQ and Lambda expressions
• Created numerous web applications utilizing MV, C# 4.0, jQuery, AJAX and Web Services
• Implemented cross-departmental Innovation Meetings to engage employees to explore new avenues of revenue-generating or cost-saving ideas
• Coordinated branching/merging strategies incorporating Team Foundation Server
• Assisted in running various Agile project management meetings (Sprint Planning Meetings, Scrums, etc)