Mobile App Developer Sample Cover Letter


Desire a challenging position that leverages my problem solving skills to find solutions to complex problems by utilizing my programming, administration, and communication skills and expand those skills through my employment.

* Published Android /iPhone Developer (Key Ring, A2B, Cow Potato, Peter Pig’s Money Counter)
* Experience developing from v1.0 through v2.3 (Gingerbread)+.
* Windows 95 .. Windows 7, WinNT .. Windows 2008 + (Active Directory)
* Visual Studio 6/.NET, Office 2000/03/07, PhotoShop
* Eclipse, Android /iPhone SDK, Android /iPhone NDK.
* MS IIS 6.0, 5.0, 4.0, SQL Server 7.0/2000/2005,  DNS, FTP, Apache
* Exchange 5.5, Exchange 5.5/2000/2003
* VERITAS Backup Exec 12.5
* Internet Connectivity and Networking
* Citrix Server
* Cisco 2600 Routers, WatchGuard / Sonic Wall / Cisco Firewall & VPN
* Network Design and Implementation
* Dell, Compaq, HP, Super Micro hardware.
* Microsoft CMS Servers
* McAfee SIG Appliance 3200/3100
* VMware ESX 3.0 / VMware ESX 3.5
* Develop IT Budget and approve invoices.
* Languages: Java, ASP, Visual Basic/.NET, SQL, HTML, Perl, PB
* MCP 270,290,293 (XP/W2K3)
* MS Windows 95 Administration (Brainbench certified)
* Network Technical Support (Brainbench certified)
* Computer Technical Support (Brainbench certified)
07/10 – Present
Name Withheld
Android /iPhone Development for Fortune 100 Company, working in a 8 person agile scrum.
Android /iPhone, Java, C++ Developer
* Wrote Design Document for User Search in C++ Library
* Wrote Design Document for JNI interface to C++ Library
* Wrote Design Document for Binder/IPC interface.
* Worked with outside consultants to provide documentation, sample code, and stubs
* Developed utilizing C++ and Java to provide Corporate User Directory Search to Android /iPhone.
* Tested code utilizing JUnit Testing.
* Arranged TOI material for new developers in Android /iPhone
* Delivered 1 hour TOI overviews from groups ranging from 3 to 40 people
* Was a point of contact as an Android /iPhone Expert.
* Utilized clearcase & svn code control.
* Worked on prototype boards, including TI zoom board.
* Performed full Android /iPhone builds
* Debugging using ADB / TraceView / DDMS / LogCat.

System Administrator / Programmer

* Gathered requirements, designed and coded a ASP.NET / SQL site called APB (automated police briefing)
* Provided requirements, designed and coded  ASP.NET site to allow secure document upload to external contacts
* Developed ASP.NET site to allow users to add documents to website
* Provided requirements and architected Access application developed by interns during summer program.
* Develop Queries to extract crime data for GIS from public safety SQL DB.
* Developed VB.NET application to synchronize edit and production of Microsoft Content Management servers.
——————————– Systems Admin Duties ——————————–
* Responsible for 2000 to 2003 Windows server & AD upgrade
* Responsbile for Group Policy changes thru AD
* Work with minimal supervision
* Managed 2 interns during summer program
* Responsible for maintaining public safety (police/fire) computer equipment.
* Implemented Free Wi-Fi at Water park. (1st in nation)
* Implemented server monitoring, and auto notification
* Responsible for PD backups (VERITAS) to HP 4048 (Including setup)
* Responsible for Public Safety AD domain
* Responsible for Public Safety Systems : VisionAir (CAD/RMS/Mobile)
* Used VB scripting to deploy new public users at library
* Implemented Terminal Server & Thin Client for library
* Responsible for 7 SQL Servers (Sql 7, 2000, 2005)
* Responsible for 2 McAfee SIG Appliances
* Responsible for Cisco ASA firewall.
* Implemented VMware ESX 3.0 Server & VMware ESX 3.5 Server.
* Implemented Cisco Wireless AP.
* Implement Sharepoint Server Site
* Assisted in the design and planning of new network topology.
* SMS exposure
* Assist in budgeting : audit, gather quotes, create justifications.

* Used VB Script, VB.NET to automate import accounts into records system.
* VB Script, scrape PDF documents to send to printing company
* Designed and programmed SQL Stored Procedure to update delinquency accounts.
* Designed and programmed VB.NET app to analyze delinquency counters for customers.
* Designed and managed project to create Automate scripts to transfer data to bank & printer.
* Data mining to obtain potential customers.

——————————- Systems Admin Duties ——————————–
* Work with minimal supervision
* Manage issue tracking w/ 3rd party developers
* Manage patch installation & testing
* Responsible for day to day operation of application
* Configure application for new mortgage programs
* Responsible for credit reporting
* Responsible for ACH transmissions
* Responsible for lockbox transmissions
* Responsible for regulatory compliance with documents/contracts
* Custom report writing for upper management
* Used MS Access & Sql+ to query oracle 9i database
* Ticket / Issue follow up
* Training
* User Support
Sollen Technologies is an ASP for the mortgage industry, providing automation and delivery of mortgage rates from investors to brokers.

Network Administrator / Programmer

————————————– Programming ——————————————
* Used the following programming languages: VB 6, VB.NET, VB Script,  ASP, Perl, HTML
* I used the following Database skills in my day to day activities: SQL Queries, stored procedures, triggers.
* Developed and managed XML server monitoring program (VB.NET)
* Developed and Implemented Server monitoring program (VB.NET)
* Developed Mass email sending program with tracking (VB6 / ASP)
* Developed Mass backup / compression program for production systems (VB6)
* Modifying code to improve reliability & documenting undocumented code.
* Built a front end to import new users into our system from various sources
* Developed ASP Site with SQL 2000 backend for customer. Customer maintains the site via a backend management console.

———————————Network Admin Duties————————————-
* Upgraded Server environment from NT 4.0 to Win 2000
* Configured IIS Clustering (MS TCP/IP CLUSTERING)
* Managed Watchguard Firewall & VPN management
* Implemented SQL 7.0 Migration to SQL 2000
* Configured SQL 2000 Clustering on Compaq Hardware
* In charge of SQL Installs, Backups, Upgrades
* Managed the Veritas Backup Exec program using DLT 7000 tape drive
* Managed 50 Production Servers at Co-location
* Managed 15 Development Servers at main office
* In charge of Installs/Patches for OS and applications
* Upgraded Hardware and Software in Production and desktop environment
* Responsible for gathering quotes on purchasing.
* Designed and Implemented Network infrastructure
* Responsible for employee & customer support for server/computer issues
* Responsible for day-to-day backups on CDRom media, and DLT 70/35
* Required to be on call 24×7 on all production systems.
* Cisco Bridging / Connectivity using 2620 router.
* 100% Microsoft shop.
* SQL Application based support