Mobile Application Consulting in Houston Texas


I know you have the million dollar app idea, but you are lost on where to start to make it happen…

Start here, BEFORE you find a developer! I can’t emphasize enough the importance of this. You must have your design and specifications prepared by a specialist (me) before starting the coding. Upfront scoping and planning will save you thousands down the road, and eliminate multiple costly iterations and your money.

I will listen to your idea, make it better, make it feature rich, design the user experience (UX), and tell you the best sales strategy. I’ve written over 30 of my own iOS apps (iPhone/iPad), and know the business inside and out. I know how to make your app stand out, and make your app idea a profitable reality. I do not take equity in the app, you get 100% of the upside sales!

Your app needs to be READY BEFORE you find a developer (which I can recommend to you, if you’d like). Otherwise, you’ll spend too much money with someone who only knows how to code. I want to design the features and interface of your app, and I’ll make sure you don’t get ripped off by sub-par developers who only know the backend. I know what your clients like and want, who will download your app!

For a given project, I will:

– be your dedicated consultant, and help hone and/or expand your initial idea in ways you hadn’t considered

– I will design the CORRECT way to get your app accepted by Apple

– I will add the cutting edge features to your app that you didn’t even know were available (I have access to all iOS releases before the features are announced to the public).

– I will professionally design your logo and app icon. Don’t underestimate the need for branding of your app!

– I will create the storyboards and wireframes to show how your app will act and feel, and prepare this in a format for your developer to seamlessly code it

– I will create your official specification document (spec doc) for you to provide to a developer. This is a legal contract that will protect you from being given an app that isn’t 100% what you asked for

– I will provide the best strategy for you to make money! Each app is unique and requires careful thought on how it will be sold

– I will write the official app description in the App Store in the way that will sell the most apps. I will also research and create the crucial keywords that someone will use to find YOUR app, and not someone else’s (don’t underestimate this step, it’s the difference between 10,000 and 100,000 app sales). I will also design it in a way to appeal GLOBALLY, and exposure your app to tens of millions more downloaders

– I will follow the entire development process with the developer of your choice to ‘translate’ your concepts into a language they can understand. I will also keep track of your time and budget so a coder doesn’t inflate hours.

Bottom line, I will work for you to make the greatest ROI on your app, and eliminate the risk of a poorly designed or developed app. This is a financial and emotional investment. I will be your advocate and make it painless and easy.

Please contact me about your million dollar idea. Rates vary by project and scope. I will work with your budget and time constraints!