Mobile – Make Your Website and Ads Mobile Friendly

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Mobile – Make Your Website and Ads Mobile Friendly

Slowly but surely the change began to occur and then finally it happened, when as from 2014 mobile took over from desktop as the primary device used by people to access the internet as is explained on This as well as the release of the algorithm by Google that punished websites that were not mobile friendly by making sure such websites received low rankings in mobile search results, with more on this algorithm and its impact to be found on, has made it imperative for businesses and companies to have websites and ads that are mobile friendly. How one proceeds to making this happen, as discussions on reveal, is where the problem lies. This article will look to shine a spotlight on some of the tips and techniques to keep in mind when looking to make your website and ads mobile friendly.

One of the things to consider when looking to make your website and consequently your ads mobile friendly is making sure you use responsive designs for your website, something that is looked into in great detail on What this does is that it allows your website to be accessed and be viewed by devices of different sizes, including mobile devices. As explained by the technicians on on web design, responsive design involves the use of flexible layouts and images as well as cascading stylesheet media queries. Website created with responsive design are able to detect the orientation and the size of the screen of the visitor and adjust the layout accordingly making it as well as the ads therein mobile friendly. According to the gurus at, another thing to ensure your website and ads are mobile friendly is by making sure you integrate a viewport meta tag. Without the viewport, your site will not be able to on any mobile device.

Another important aspect to keep in mind in your quest to ensure that your website and ads are mobile friendly is the importance of font size as well as button size. The experts on put the recommended font size for mobile compatibility at 14x. This font size is at the tail end of mobile legality and the reason it is recommended is because it ensures that users don’t have to zoom in in order to read your content. Another thing recommended by experts, including those at, is that of using the minimum legality on font size for mobile of 12x for forms and labels. When it comes to buttons on your ads and website, it is recommended to keep them as big as possible. This ensures their visibility and ensures that uses don’t miss them or hit the wrong ones, which is a common complaint by mobile users greatly reducing user experience which as can be expected will have an adverse effect on conversion rates. Another thing as far as mobile compatibility is concerned according to the folks at is ensuring that the images for both your website and ads are of high resolution. This is important due to the fact most smartphones and other mobile devices have high resolution screens and as such the use of high resolution images helps prevent the images from appearing blurry or pixelated when viewed on mobile devices.

Taking into cognizance of the fact that videos on mobile will be viewed differently on mobile than from desktop is another thing to keep in mind as per The difficulty involves as far as videos for mobile devices are concerned is what has led to the folks on, who know a thing or two about websites and ads, to recommend the use YouTube videos to ensure that videos on mobile are viewed without difficult. This has to do with the fact that embed code on YouTube is already mobile responsive and will therefore not bring up any problems. It is also important to ensure that you include a “view desktop version” tab at the bottom of your mobile website. This is due to the fact that from discussions on, it has emerged that some users like to have that option available and restricting them from it will only serve to make you lose them. Finally, but something that is very important when looking to make your website and ads mobile compatible is to ensure that you keep testing them. This should be extensive and should be done on multiple different mobile devices from Android, iPhone, Windows phones to tablets. Make the testing as extensive as possible with the aim of making sure that the user experience of your user as good as possible.

The importance of having mobile friendly websites and ads can’t be stressed highly enough and as such it is our hope that the above tips can lead you on the path of mobile compatibility and reaping the fruits that come with it. There is more to be found on this as well as other topics on, and