Mondays Are Always Eventful


Mondays… consist of an odd combination of work at home and work from a remote office… which sort of defeats the purposes of work at home. hahaha.  Mondays are also the day I get the most inquiries about jobs.  I felt this Monday would be slower since it’s the holiday… but it wasn’t and probably won’t ever be.

I did learn that my sister and her fiancé’s flights got canceled.  They were supposed to arrive tomorrow around noon.  I had even planned out the whole 4 days…. of activities.  Mostly Dave and Busters.  The last time I saw my sister was on my birthday in July.  My parents haven’t seen her in a long time.  It’s an interesting scenario since I’ve never met or spoken to her fiancé.  And neither have my parents.  Given how close my family is… it’s interesting.

Today’s productivity was fine… just fine.  It was good for a Monday.  My Sunday was horrible productivity wise.  Holiday things… However, my Saturday was amazing.  I updated all my study guides… I mean all 8 of them!!! Crazy productive.  I added a ton of useful things. hehehehe.

I’m in the mood to binge blog… since I’ll be ahead of the blogging schedule for a change.  I’m always behind in blogging for some reason.  It will be nice to be ahead.  Hence, why I’m going to write my blogs write now and have a reserve.  While I still feel like blogging.

I’d say I was shocked my sister canceled… but not really.  She lives her own life now and makes her own choices.  I do feel bad for my parents since they’ve been looking forward to her visit for a long time.  When an airplane cancels, what can you do?  I will say… I’m not going to visit her in PA anytime soon.  The place doesn’t have anything for me to do… it doesn’t even have a Dave and Busters…. plus my sister tends to be extremely busy anyways.  I can’t remember when the last time the family has gotten together…

Busy busy busy.  In my next blog I will talk about Instagram…. I’m sort of getting addicted to it.  It’s a lot more fun than twitter and Facebook pages.  I’ve even created a marketing campaign for my own instagram.  Although… FB keeps rejecting my ads for non-compliance…..  which is sort of funny…