Motivation and Las Vegas

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Well not really.  It’s actually 12:33am… But I’m sure I’ll durdle around until 2am before publishing this post.  I’m highly motivated to make a video series about AdWords.  Right now the quality is pretty low.  I realized I filmed most of my video series while it was flooding outside my house.  Yeah for Houston Floods.

I thought I should talk about motivation and Las Vegas.  I’ve only been to Vegas once.  And I lost money.  In fact I lost the money saved for my new 3ds XL and games…. which was sad.  I went to a multi-level marketing convention (mlm) where people talked about selling tupperware to each other.  The convention food was also fittingly awful.  But I had a great time pretending to be interested in joining pyramid schemes.

That aside, many of my friends are going to Las Vegas for a Magic the Gathering convention.  I’m a nerd and I have a YouTube channel with 13K+ subscribers and close to 4.5 Million views.  I don’t play the game often.  Only when my high school friends are in town. I actually didn’t play at all in college and for most of law school.

Anyways let’s talk about why I chose not to do to this epic event with my friends.  I found a lost dog on my way to another convention.  IMG_3170It didn’t take long to find it’s owner, but in doing so I was reminded of the long hiatus I took from volunteering at my local animal shelter.  I also tutor a lot and I was not dedicating much time to helping my students either.  I was being selfish.  I felt bad, although volunteering is always optional, I’ve volunteered since I was in middle school.  And I’ve tutored since I was in high school.  My motivation and the reason I do things don’t make sense.  I stopped my car and chased after a dog in the pouring rain.  Took the dog to the house, dried the dog, and then went to find it’s owner.  Couldn’t get pass the locked gate so called the owner again.  And eventually I dropped the dog at a neighbor’s home for safe keeping.  And I had a convention to go to… which I was quite late for.

Again sometimes I just don’t really get why I do things.  Like adopt two cats off craigslist so they wouldn’t be separated…  who does that?  Or a dog from behind a Whataburger garbage.  My three pets are champions at increasing their medical bills.  But I can’t complain.  It’s nice to come home to them.

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