Motivation for the Next Weekend


This weekend was a wash.  I didn’t get much done since I wasn’t supposed to get much done.  Travel on Saturday and seeing Homes to Buy on Sunday.  In that regard it was successful.  Where does the time go?  I’m not sure.  This upcoming week will be busy.  And I’m not looking forward to the next weekend when I have to complete both my taxes and passport.  I’m running low on time for both.  Ick.

Friday night I spent getting a new camera.  It was expensive and an investment in both my youtube channels.  The 4K maxes out at 5 minutes.  Which is enough for one video a week.  Unless I record on Friday, Saturday, Sunday.  Then that’s closer to 3 4K videos a week.  Probably enough.  I spent about 2 hours at best buy trying to figure out the photo and video stuff before buying it.  A hefty $900 investment.

Saturday was SXSW.  A fun but exhausting experience.  I started recording videos around midnight and only recorded a few…  Before setting it to upload.  I was also able to… by staying up extremely late to learn some SEO.  And get my weekly dose of news.  And I had a friend fix the font of my website to make it readable.  Always a bonus.

Sunday was a mess.  Normally my most productive day.   House hunting and research is incredibly stressful and time consuming.  I’m a little overwhelmed from everything I need to do.  It’s a lot to think about every night.  And because of the nature of my job I’m always in sales mode.

I also purchased two video games I don’t really like, need, or will play.  I’m not sure why.  I guess stress…  Things are going okay.  Just not as well as I planned.  I gained a surge of confidence and hunger from a fellow YouTuber.  He makes 11K a month from just donations.  Incredible and something I can strive for in the future.  Maybe…  Anyways, it’s 1:05 and I’m exhausted.  Long week ahead and even longer weekend.  Next weekend I’m going to take a break from house hunting.  And hopefully go to the gym.