How Much do Graphic Designers Make – 20 Salaries in the US


How Much do Graphic Designers Make – 20 Salaries in the US  

Graphic designers are among the most established professionals since their tasks are intertwined with what the digital world has to offer. Individuals who take up a career in graphic design are often well placed to get ahead in the job industry with a significant compensation package. Graphic designers in the US are paid considering the task being handled and with respect to that, here are 20 salaries in the US that cover the graphic design industry.

Creative director

The tasks of a creative director revolve around finding and implementing ideas that are innovative. A creative director in the US is paid an average of $46, 900 and may experience a range up to $50, 00 depending on the magnitude of the task and the respective company.

Commercial designer

Within the graphic design industry, a commercial designer is one of the standout professionals who commands a significant salary added to the industry prestige. A commercial designer earns an average of $67,130.

Book layout artists

The graphic design industry offers professionals the chance to be Book Layout Artists who have the capacity to creatively customize presentations and they are among the top earners in the field. A book layout artist commands a salary in the range of $43,600.

Package designer

With the graphic design industry expanding with every passing day, those professionals with exquisite layout skills are considered as package designers who are able to attract a salary in the range of $47,890.

Visual Journalist

The experienced graphic designers can effectively take up tasks like Visual Journalism which is a title that has impressive creds in the industry. A visual journalist makes use of infographics to communicate their creative work and take home an average of $64,020.

Logo designer

A Logo Designer is a professional graphic designer who has extensive skills when it comes to expressing key points through an image. A Logo Designer is able to make $45,900.

Broadcast designer

In the graphic design field, a broadcast designer is a professional charged with the responsibility of generating characters and expressing them to complete a story. A broadcast designer makes an average of $58,000.

Art Production Manager

One of the most important professionals in the Graphic Design Industry are Art Production Managers. An Art Production Manager controls and manages the aspects of art and their description. The salary of an Art Production Manager is about $43,500.

Web designer

With the roles and responsibilities of web and graphic designers overlapping, web design has become a role that a graphic designer has to play. An individual given such a responsibility is able to take home a salary of $64,970.


Graphic design is all about presentations and creative approaches and Animators are among the professionals that make a difference in the industry. Animators take home about $63,970.

Interface designers

All digital ideas have to be presented in a creative format and Interface Designers are the perfect professionals for the job. An Interface Designer is regarded as a GUI layout artist and takes home in excess of $64,020.

Art Director

All creative works have to be processed and evaluated with a strict approach and an Art Director shoulders the burden of having the final say on all artistic elements that are to be presented. An Art Director gets a salary of $89,760.

Brand Identity Developer

Brands require steadfast consideration and presentation and with that in mind, professionals are needed to capture the visual aspects to control the message clients receive. A Brand Identity Developer is the expert that handles the same and receives an average salary of $59,640 for the respective efforts.


The outstanding professionals in the graphic design industry are illustrators who are able to conceptualize the varied ideas and bring them to fruition. An Illustrator is able to take home up to $68,050.

Marketing specialist

A graphic designer can take up the task of being a marketing specialist and attract a salary of $62,150 where the job description would include monitoring and implementing graphical designs for marketing campaigns.

Visual Image developer

Graphic design is all about being able to provide visual descriptions of aspects and a visual image developer is one of the standout professionals who are able to handle the process seamlessly. A visual image developer commands a salary of $43,920.

Multimedia Developer

The job description of a Multimedia developer is to combine and blend motion, sound and interactive aspects to create a graphic outlook. The salary of a multimedia developer ranges at $56,240.

Content developer

A graphic designer can handle content generation and development to a greater extent and this is why they are highly regarded owing to the flexibility of operations. Structuring graphical content is a major plus and a content developer is therefore given a salary of $48,477.

Layout artist

A layout artist is a major plus to the graphic design industry due to the ability to structure images and create a systematic pattern with the creations. A layout artist is paid $44, 000.

Ad Designers

With Ad Designers, the graphic design industry is lucky to have such professionals within its ranks. The salary of an Ad Designer is in the range of $64,000.