How Much do Graphic Designers Make in Humble Texas?


How Much do Graphic Designers Make in Humble Texas?

A graphic designer is part of the online marketing team that shoulders the visual optimization strategy. The creativity that graphic designers have is responsible for mapping websites and increasing visibility and appeal. Though their tasks are majorly limited to designing and implementing specific designs, their pay scale is synonymous with their creativity they put in ensuring that the target audience is incentivized to browse and enjoy the experience. Graphic designers generally earn an average of $35, 410 in Humble, TX with the hourly rate being between $14 and $17.

The impact of experience on pay

Experience has a major impact on how much a graphic designer makes in Humble, Texas. The different levels of experience command varied pay settings. A graphic designer who is in the late stages of their career commands a higher pay. Late career graphic designers get 23% above the average pay of $35,410. An experienced graphic designer in Humble, TX also attracts higher pay and it has been identified as being in the region of 15% above the average pay. Graphic designers in their mid-career stage have been characterized as enjoying positive sway in pay with them getting up to 6% above the average pay. In Humble, TX, entry level graphic designers are generally affected by a salary deviation of 8% on the lower side which means they earn less than the average. The deviation in pay across the experience levels therefore means that graphic designers get to have a salary scale of between $31,000 and $86,000.

How skills determine pay

With graphic design, skills are crucial as they are what will define the success of the project. There are particular skills that are favorable to clients looking for graphic design specialist. With these skills, a graphic designer can command higher pay and enjoy added bonuses with the success of the graphic design project.

Adobe InDesign

This is one of the fundamental skills that a graphic design has to master. Adobe InDesign guarantees flexibility in designing and also ensures that different levels of creativity can be expressed seamlessly. Adobe InDesign gives a graphic designer the chance to earn 11% higher than the average of $35,410 which is a significant boost in the salary scale.

Web design

Web design is one of the admirable skills that a graphic designer should have especially when it comes to the integration stages. With web design skills, a graphic designer can improve their pay by 3% and get to earn more from the project.

Project management

A graphic designer with project management skills has significant upper hand when it comes to handling the designing process and delivering on the project in a timely manner. Skills in project management increase the chances of earning for a graphic designer by 2% above the average pay of $35,410.

Adobe After Effects

Particular skills in Adobe After Effects are important when it comes to graphic design and they are responsible for significantly influencing the pay that a designer gets. Adobe After Effects are responsible for earning a graphic designer a 4% increase on the average salary.

Factors that influence pay

The earnings that graphic designers get is based on varied factors that have a cumulative effect on the success of the designing project. Clients targeting graphic designers check on these factors as a way of sieving out the quality designers and determining the budget that will be adopted for the project.

Analytical prowess

Graphic designers who have analytical prowess have a better chance of getting bonuses and commissions based on the success they deliver. Analytical skills ensure that a graphic design specialist is able to discern what the clients go for and the perception that will appeal to the target audience.

Artistic ability

Artistic ability is crucial when it comes to graphic design. Most clients who hire a graphic designer always look at the artistic ability as a representation of how well the designer can capture a concept and express their idea. Artistic ability significantly improves the earning power of a graphic designer.


Creativity is a determinant of average pay in the graphic design industry. Creativity and innovation as crucial as they contribute to uniqueness and authenticity of a brand and that is what clients desire. Creativity enhances the chances of earning a higher than average amount for graphic design specialists.


Certification works to provide confidence in the abilities of a graphic design expert. Clients always focus on the certifications as a benchmark of what to expect from a graphic designer. With accreditation and honors from recognized institutions, a client is able to offer more to a graphic design as testament to the recognition of the talents and potential ability of the graphic design specialist.

The verdict

Graphic design is a lucrative industry that clients who own websites cannot do without as it defines their presence on the online platform and also dictates the impact they can make on the target audience. The pay for graphic design specialists is dependent on several aspects that on an overall basis also determine the quality of service and with increasing demand for services, the average of $35,410 may experience a significant increase.