How Much Money do YouTubers Make?


How Much Money do YouTubers Make?

It is no simple feat to calculate how much You Tubers make monthly or even annually. This is because there are a number of channels or rather sources that lead to The You Tubers earning their money. Some are easy to be able to familiarize yourselves with while others are difficult to determine the actual some of the money earned. Here is a simple breakdown of the money deal between You Tubers and You Tube search engine.

1. How much do you pay a You Tuber to boost your product promotion?

This will be greatly influenced by a number of factors. This includes:

. The number of audiences a You Tuber has

. The target audience; whether business, media, sports, foods and beverage

. The market objective

On average, a You Tuber charges about $10,000 per 100,000 views. However, it is difficult to determine the number of views your product will get as different product attract different users.

2. How much You Tube pays You Tubers per view.

A You Tuber makes 68% of the ad revenue once their channel in linked directly to Google Ad Sense. An advertiser is charged $18 per view. This fee is charged when a viewer watches an ad for 30 seconds or more.

How much do Ads on You Tube cost

This payment is usually based on the number of views. A You Tube advertiser pays an average of $10-$30 cost-per-view.

There are four types of ad formats in You Tube

. The in-search

This is an ad that shows at the top of You Tube search results

. The in-slate

This is an ad that shows up when your video ends as one of the most suggested videos

. The in-display

This is the ad that shows right above the suggested videos besides the video being watched at the moment.

. The in-stream

This is the ad that plays just before you can start watching the video you have chosen.

This is what determines the pricing per ad unit, with in-display being $30 and in-search being $10.

The content creator will get an average of $18 per 1,000 views as a result of the 68% got from the $27 charged to the advertiser.

3. How much marketers pay You Tubers.

Paying You Tubers as a marketer is optional. However, this is advantageous as the video made will only be charged $100 per 100 views which is less expensive.

To be honest, You Tubers get a lot of money. When you look at the amount top You Tubers earn, it definitely proves my point. Here is a list of top You Tubers

22. HolaSoyGerman: $1 Million

21. Barelypolitical: $1.4 Million

20. Skydoesminescraft: $1.7 Million

19. Nigahiga: $2.9 Million

18. Epic Meal Time: $3.1 Million

17. Toby Turner: $3.3 Million

16. Tyler Oakley: $4 Million

15. Ray William Johnson: $4.6 Million

14. Jenna Marbles: $4.6 Million

13. Vedetta777: $5.3 Million

12. Zoe Sugg: $5.7 Million

11. StampyLonghead: $6 Million

10. JackSepticEye: $6.8 Million

9. The Fine Bros: $6.8 Million

8. MarkilplierGame: $7.1 Million

7. The Diamond Minecart: $8.2 Million

6. Smosh: $10.5 Million

5. Blucollection: $12.7 Million

4. Pewdiepie: $12.7 Million

3. Rooster Teeth: $13.4 Million

2. Michelle phan: $17.1 million

1. FunToyzCollector: $30.4 million

This shows that You tubers are million dollar makers. That’s right, this is just the top You Tubers with so much more unmentioned who also play an active role it this field.