How Much do PPC Specialists Make in Humble Texas


How Much do PPC Specialists Make in Humble Texas

PPC specialists are responsible for digital marketing strategies that scale a business instantly. Their work is centered on ensuring traffic is directed to a website or its landing pages and the potential clients converted to customers. Pay Per Click professionals optimize and focus on the target audience using a paid platform that promotes their Ads. Getting a PPC specialist to work on optimizing a marketing campaign in Humble, Texas attracts varied rates depending on the need at hand and this directly impacts what that professional will make. The range of pay for a PPC specialist in Humble, Texas is between $38, 000 and $54,000 where many of the professionals are characterized as having a median pay setting.

Understanding the Pay Breakdown

The average Pay for a PPC specialist in Humble Texas is set at $48,520 and this is mainly based on varied factors that influence the pay setting. PPC being one of the SEO strategies that companies and individuals are adopting for their online activity, the growth of the industry is sure to lead to a higher demand setting which will in turn lead to an increase in the pay rates over time. Several factors are considered in determining the what PPC specialists make and they include:


The experience that a PPC specialist has is considered when a client seeks to determine how much they will pay for the services. Entry level PPC specialists are characterized as being subjected to a pay rate that is 4% lower than the average pay of $48,520. With PPC specialists that are in their mid-career practice era, their pay is characterized as being 15% higher than the average pay.

Skill level

The average skills that a PPC specialist has also factor in how much they will make in Humble, Texas. The most sought after skills include the effective structuring of Google AdWords and aggressive Search Engine Marketing. With a high skillset in Google AdWords, a PPC specialist gets 8% higher on the average pay. Admirable technical prowess with SEM will also make a PPC professional earn more with a 4% margin on the higher side of the average pay.

Positive contribution

The positive contribution on a digital marketing campaign is measured by the number of conversions experienced after the hiring of a PPC specialist. Major skills that determine the positive contribution include prowess in Google Analytics and SEO. Without telling contribution in Google Analytics, the pay for a PPC specialist is characterized as being below the average with a 15% margin. A poor or lack of SEO contribution by a PPC specialist also makes the professional earn a pay that is 17% lower than the average pay of $48,520.

Attributes that enhance pay for PPC experts

There are specific attributes that are focused on when clients hire PPC specialists and they revolve around their performance and ability in handling the marketing campaign. As much as generating leads is the principal focus of most clients, the ability to handle brand promotion in a unique way stands out more and this is what many clients looking towards digital marketing are inclined towards.

Structuring profit driven strategies

Increasing traffic is a strategy that can be handled by both PPC and SEO but most startups and small businesses looking to scale have been associated with utilizing Pay Per Click as it is faster. PPC specialists with profit driven strategies that ensure a significant ROI on the PPC budget are generally considered and also get to earn 12% more than the average of $48,520.

Speed of results

Marketing campaign organization and the speed with which the results are obtained is another factor that appeals to clients targeting PPC advertising. A high speed in realizing results generally earns a PPC specialist in Humble, Texas a 9% increase above the average pay.

Interactive marketing

Pay Per Click at this moment is not about the age old paid adverts as it has evolved into interactive marketing that creates a connection with the target audience. A PPC specialist that can structure their PPC campaign to capture interactive marketing that will keep potential clients hooked and converted into full customers gets to earn an increase of 13% on the $48,520 which is the average pay in Humble, Texas.


PPC specialists with google certifications are generally given more consideration and a higher pay which translates to them making more than the determined average.

The verdict

PPC specialists carry a significant sway on how individuals and corporations handle their paid marketing strategies and what they make from the campaigns depends on varied factors that influence their performance and eventual results. Capturing the specific attributes while considering the factors that influence pay can generally ensure that a PPC specialist gets to make more from their profession and therefore earn more than the $48,520 which is the average pay in Humble, Texas.