How much software developers make in Houston Texas?


How much software developers make in Houston Texas.

In this era of technological advancements, computers, and Internet-enabled devices have become a necessary evil. The computers and mobile devices are run using certain applications.  Software developers develop the applications.Software development entails developing computer programs, documenting, fixing and test bugs that are involved in maintaining frameworks and applications. The process is done in successive phases and an orderly manner.

A software developer is in charge of the facets of the software development process. It includes research, programming, design and testing of computer software.

The role of software engineers is to design, contract and maintain system and software needs of the computers and mobile phone users. They are tasked with the responsibility of coding software applications. A college degree in software engineering or computer science or related fields is the first step to becoming a software developer.

Some companies will look for college graduates with computer experience. Large established companies will look for developers with vast experience in the market.

Job description

  • Standardizing of quality assurance software procedures
  • Overseeing developing and testing fixes
  • Codes software applications so that they adhere to support the designs of internal business requirements and external resources

The Software Developer may require a bachelor’s degree in a related field. Candidates with three years of experience in the field have an added advantage. He/she should have adequate knowledge of concepts, standards, procedures and practices within the stipulated field. Reliance on the experience and judgment to plan, accomplish and execute goals. They should be able to perform a variety of tasks working under general supervision. To some extent, a certain degree of latitude and creativity is needed.

How much are software developers paid?

The average pay for entry-level software developers in Houston is $61,596 annually. The median annual salary for a software developer in Houston is $61, 700 as at May 31st, 2016. It ranges between $54,170 and  $69, 611. However, that amount is not inclusive of benefits and bonuses.  The salary for anyone bearing the title of Software Developer varies depending on factors such as:

  • Company size
  • Industry
  • Location
  • Years of experience
  • Level of education

Skills that affect the salaries of software developers

There are certain skills that may affect the salary of the software developer. Some of those skills are essential to programming and coding. They include;

  • Linux- 7 per cent
  • Python-7 percent
  • Microsoft SQL Server- 3 percent
  • SQL- 0 percent
  • PL/SQL-0 percent

Skills needed by software developers

  • Net development skills
  • Web service development skills

Average salary for related job titles

  • Java Software Engineer Architect -$140,000
  • Java J2EE Software Engineer-$110,000
  • Senior Net Software Engineer-$103,000
  • Principal Software Engineer-$116,000
  • Software QA Engineer-$92,000
  • Senor Java Software Engineer- $92,000
  • Senor Java Software Engineer- $116,000
  • Senior Software Engineer-$113,000
  • Embedded Software Engineer-$104,000
  • Lead Software Engineer-$116,000
  • Software Test Engineer- $87,000
  • Java Software Engineer-$101,000
  • Software Engineer-$98,000


 The job outlook

There is a lot of growth prospect for the software developers. It is expected that the industry will experience a 30 percent increase by 2020, according to a report by Bureau of Labor Statistics. The growth is as a result of the business community and needing more computer software services and handheld application devices.