My Cats Are Fighting

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It’s 2:30AM on a Saturday Morning and I need to get up at 7am to get ready for tutoring.  It’s funny how I get up earlier on days I have “off” than days I have work.  But my cats are fighting.  And its pretty bad.

Lily pooped upstairs which is never a good thing since I don’t know if she has done this before  She has recovered nicely, to the point that she has begun attacking my other cat, Amber.  They are sisters, but they are super mean to each other, at least right now.

Amber peed and has a torn nail… which means some bleeding.  It also means between the two there was a lot of time spent cleaning up… and I most likely get to spend tomorrow morning cleaning up.

Outside of that, I have a huge scratch mark on my left arm.  Sometimes having cats are difficult.  Lily is outside in her cage to prevent further “attacks” on Amber.  And Amber is inside in her crate to prevent her from moving too much (her nail has stopped bleeding).  I’ve done this one time before… and I know there will be a sizable mess when I wake up tomorrow.

Oh and I haven’t gone to the gym in forever.  I don’t know why I’m thinking about that.  I did get to read a few books before I heard ‘thump’ which was Amber jumping off the second story…. if I had to guess this is how she broke her nail.  I hope she learned it’s not a good idea.  Amber climbs off a ledge often.  I’ve heard her jumping before… but this is the first time I’ve seen it.

Anyways, rather than durdle any longer, I need to held off to sleep and hope tomorrow is a bit more productive.  My goals for tomorrow are to tutor… until 1 and stay in the city for lunch.  Get back home.  Take a nap.  Do dishes (they are piled up so high).  Maybe go to Sam Club to get some food.  Hope my cats do not need to go to the vet again and play nice.  And make 16 videos for my hobby channel and 7 book related videos and some PPC videos.

It’s lucky I don’t need that much sleep.  Haha extra time to bond with my cats and read obscure graphic design books.