My Hobbies Make Me Money


The old Acura RDX 08 has been great…  However… it’s 7 years later.  If I was really spend thrifty I would wait until 2017…. But then the car would be 8 years old.  The only bad thing about saving for a new car is I should theoretically eat out less.  In 2015 I ate out around 400 times including lunch, breakfast, and dinner.  The average bill was around $15.  This is according to Mint.  If I eat out 75% less which Mint tells me is about right… I should be able to save $4,500 a year.  I find these numbers difficult to believe…

Even more difficult to believe is how much I spend on my hobbies… nada.   One of my hobbies pays for all other hobbies.  It generates YouTube revenue money and from this $400 a month, it pays for that hobby as well as Dave and Buster trips (minus food).  I didn’t turn on Ad revenue the entire 2015, but assuming that I get an average of $400 a month… it covers $5,000 in hobby spending.  My other hobby is tutoring… which also pays money.  Who knew YouTubing as a hobby would pay for itself?

On the flip side… I could use the hobby money to reinvest… sort of like a startup… in a 4K camcorder.  They are around $800 around Best Buy.  I’ve been researching 4K for a while and it’s a sound investment.  Sort of like HD before HD was popular.  Most televisions are 4K now.  I’ll buy more lights.  However… I love the Sony A6000….  I may get both since I’ll use them for different purposes.

It’s nice to be in a place… where your hobby doesn’t cost money and you are generally net positive.  Honestly… I could make better videos if I didn’t buy more product…  Product reviews and openings aren’t really for me.  If I was smart… I would focus more on making my production higher quality and all of that stuff… but I just don’t care….  and I will never care about making money from YouTubing.  It’s an interesting… albeit.. sometimes tedious hobby.

On a side note… I get a lot of offers for people to sponsor me… I don’t care.  I used to be flattered and would write a nice email saying I didn’t want my opinion to be swayed by free product and payment.  Now… I largely don’t respond.  There are too many emails.  The impressive part to me is the 7.3Million views in a little over 2 years.  The increase in views is exponential.  Subscribers are plotting a long at 18.5K.

In 2016 I’m going to focus more on my other channel… the guttulus channel.  That channel isn’t great…  Mainly because I don’t work on it as much… and it’s relatively new.  There’s a lack of focus.  Maybe… I’ll work on that youtube channel for 2016.