My Marketing Goals This Month


Something something numbers.  The only social media I care about is my linkedin and my instagram.  Instagram has slowed somewhat… but I know what I need to do to ramp that up.  It’s actually pretty simple.  Linkedin is now at 7, 000.  I can reset my goal for 2016 to something ridiculous like 20,000.  And then then 2017 to 50,000.  Crazy but it’s working.

I may cancel team tree house.  To be honest there’s nothing they can really teach me anymore. I’m just doing simple things to get more points.  I would like be in the top 10 for badges.  That would be amazing.  And a true testament to all the time I dedicated and my ability to tackle a wide variety of development issues.

I sort of want behance.  My behance profile is a mess.  I made it when I had no idea what I was doing.  And when I didn’t care very much.  The other profile I should work on is github.  I need that to look a lot better than it does today.

Fingers crossed for a productive weekend without too much stress.  And perhaps even tackling my taxes.  Taxes this year are messy.

I may just take a cat nap now and try to get some coding done when I wake up.  It’s been a good week all things considered.  The next two weekends will be busy.  Actually this weekend will be busy as well.  I’m not going to make another list of things I want to get done…. since that didn’t work last weekend.

Being a developer is a lot of fun.  Sort of creative… but more of a grind.  As long as you stick with it… you will be fine.  It’s not for the weak of mind and people who give up easily.  Or for people who get frustrated by failing.  Never be afraid of failing… it makes you stronger.