My Personal Library is Awesome


There’s nothing better than curling up with a book… except owning al library where you will never run out of new books to read.  My current library is a 50% graphic design and 25% startup books.  I purchased most of the graphic design books from Domy.  I purchased a consigned lot… the lot was completely random…  500 books for $800.  There’s a bunch of hard back law books and chemistry books.  Among other nerdy subjects. The library is for sure one a kind.  Since it’s a mixtures of my unique interests.

It also doubts as a great place to study.  Being surrounded by books when you are working or studying increases production.  Books judge you if you aren’t working.  They are the harshest critics.  I had a hard time studying in High School.  But in College I found the library.  Bobst library…. for undergraduates at NYU.  However I preferred to study at the NYU law library.  It was fancier and the people seemed to be more interested in studying.  My law school also had a gorgeous library.

The reason I adore libraries is because everyone else is working.  The reverse is true for StarBucks.  I feel that people who “study” at Starbucks are just people watching.  I just get my coffee to go and head home to my own library.

The only thing missing is an iMac.  I couldn’t bring myself to buy one after spending $1, 800 on my macbook…. although apparently there are MacBooks that cost way more than that… developers… arghh…  My macbook does everything I would on a iMac.  Plus I already own a iPad air.  It would be too greedy for me to buy an iMac… even if they are on sale.  Got to watch the budget.  And go the gym… Have to do that today.  I’ll save shopping for tomorrow.  And grind out a few job proposals.  Proposals get a lot easier the more you do them.  As does sales.  It’s a skill learn through repetition….

I’m looking forward to crunching some PPC tonight.  It’s been a while since I had a PPC late night sessions.  The day looks pretty good.  I’m going to finish up these blogs… take a nap… maybe… and then record 14 videos for the guttulus channel.  The guttulus channel is sort of hurting for content.  If I’m in a super productive mood… I can finish up my iOS lessons as well.  I decided to pause teamtreehouse in December.  Wanted to spend more time doing PPC related activities.