My YouTube Channel Runs Like a Startup



The more I think about it… the more my Youtube channel resembles a startup.  It doesn’t have any money.. at least to begin with… and it was an absolute grind to get to the break even point.  It takes a lot more time…. and you make very single mistake you can possibly make until…. to save time you start making mistakes faster.  And you hire lots of random people you have to spend time developing their skill sets so they can eventually help you achieve your goals.  And I assume, for some people YouTube is a startup… if the channel is big enough of course.

One of the more difficult things is figuring out how to work with artist.  Not in the creative sense… but in the sense of I need to pay you for the rights of that piece so I can use it and prevent other people from using it.  Here’s what I settled on some time ago.

By accepting payment, you are legally agreeing with the following terms and conditions:

  • Full payment is to be received after work is concluded.
  • You will not reproduce and/or distribute, the work for commercial purposes.
  • I have the rights and own the master .PSD file to any commissioned piece, for commercial purposes (ie: reprints, resell, mass production, etc).

So in many ways it’s exactly like a business… you have to manage resources, finances, and execution of projects.  I guess… it’s good training for younger people.  When I was in high school you were given a fake business to run…. everything about the business was suspect… and sometimes I felt the scenario was so unrealistic that… it was a joke.

In college and law school they don’t really teach you how to run a business… especially the marketing side of it.  They just throw you out there… and say hey go for it you single lawyer you.

I’ve gained a lot from my channel.  The two most important things: how to ignore criticism and how to grow something digitally.  Not easy tasks…. I assure you.