Not Every Day is Productive



It happens.  I got up early for a Skype conference.  And then an unexpected dinner.  I could still crunch some code… if I didn’t try to finish Gotham on NetFlix.  I will watch anything with Batman, no matter how poorly written the script is.  Gotham is not the worst.  I started apartment hunting since I’ve decided to move closer into the city.  My only requirement… as apartments go…. is a space for a library.  That’s why I enjoy living in a house so much.  There’s plenty of space.  I own a beautiful library close to 1500 books.  And lots of figures and toys.  Which is my second library.  I have a storage unit and I don’t go over my collection often… but it’s nice to know it’s there.  It’s 2:09am and I’m ready to head off to bed.  I was incredibly tired today.  Not bored… just tired.  Probably the food… I’ve been bingeing on fast food… If I eat fast food back to back to back to back to back meals… I begin to feel sick.

Normally I’d be up for another hour or so.  This time slot is one of my more productive.  However, today I’m just not in the mood.  It’s a less than stella day productivity wise.  I know tomorrow will be a much better day.  I will say… there’s a lot I need to learn still.  Doing sales is about being social.  Something I’m either very good at or very bad at.  It depends on my mood.  I love being on stage.  At all 10 summer orientations i got to be on stage… sometimes 3-4 times in one night.  I loved it.  Pitching is also a ton of fun.  And I don’t mind negativity that goes with sales.  I do miss teaching though…

Of all things, tutoring/teaching is what I miss the most.  I loved being a teaching assistant and holding study sessions with my students.  All my major chemistry study sessions were in the orientation room the students first met me that summer.  Full circle I guess.

Outside of missing tutoring… life has been good.  I have an interesting job and I can move freely with an agency.  Something I’ve wanted for some time.  It’s not easy… but that’s what I enjoy about it.  No skill that is worth obtaining is ever easy.  Simply, I’ll stick to grinding it out.