Not Uber Pleased With the Current Progress


It’s been a while since I last blogged.  I’m doing more of the cover letter and resume thing.  I find that fascinating.  Life has been hectic.  But in a messy and confusing way.  I rarely have any free time and I’m not thrilled at the current progress of the startup.  I have not made as much progress as I would like and I’m not sure how to scale up.  I’m mired in things I shouldn’t be.

I’ve not achieved any of the lofty goals I first set for myself.  Which is interesting…. Normally I can achieve at least a few before crashing down.  I’m no more famous today than I was yesterday in terms of PPC.  I’ve made no progress on my education platform and progress on the startup has settled.  Social media is becoming boring.  It’s probably a combination of overworking and increased stress levels due to work.

Today wasn’t not great.  I spent most of the day doing errands.  Took a nap.  Ate.  Played some league of legends and then watched a movie.  It’s a Saturday…  which means I have to work all day tomorrow.  The startup work schedule is becoming a little much.  too many hours and too much to do.  The more you do.. the more you find out you have left to do.

On a positive note… house hunting has been going well.  Hopefully I can move into a new house by the end of this month.  I have to get financing from Wells Fargo.  More things to do when I already have such little time.

I guess what I’m saying is I’m tired.  I didn’t take a Christmas Break… and weekends are just errands and more work.  Working everyday 10-12 hours a day is okay if you are making progress.  I have pretty lofty standards.  And I’ve not met them so far.  I’m not incredibly worried because there’s still another level I can receive.  And really, it’s my fault for not optimizing my own time better.