Nothing is Ever Given, It’s Taken


I’m learning K2 right now.  It’s cool and it’s a skill worth having.  Now I will transition to a deeper issue, training.  Training people in marketing is hard.  Training people in PPC is harder.  It’s a mixture of finding someone who can look at an excel and get what is going on.  It’s not that hard…  you can google all the third party apps in the excel to get a general understanding of what they are.  What perplexes me is when someone expects you to pay them to be mentored.  If you have no applicable skills…. you better learn fast.  It’s okay to make mistakes… I made a ton of them when I started…  but it’s not okay to make the same one again.  And it’s extremely scary when the trainee doesn’t even understand what their mistakes are.

I believe humans are naturally lazy.  There’s no reason to do anything if you don’t have to.  All this technology is to make us more lazy.  Unless you are hungry.  What you are hungry for doesn’t really matter…. And to be honest… hunger is hunger.  There isn’t much difference between physical hunger and intangible hunger.  What I cannot stand is someone who wants to be paid, requires me to do all the work, and wants to be taught….  That is insanity.  It’s like reverse school…  Which is the worst for profit model. I can whine some more… but I think that’s enough for today.

I never except to be given something.  Certifications and degrees… mean very little to me.  They are nice… but I don’t even know where they are.  I guess they make an okay linkedin profile.   Beyond that there’s no reason to harp… since they don’t make me any better at what I do.  I get better by doing it.  You don’t get many opportunities to work on a large PPC account…. I’ve had two… And preferably will add another one soon.  Everyone in marketing is disposable.  Even unicorns can be exchanged for better ones.  I don’t take days for granted.  I want to learn more skills… I don’t wait for someone to teach me… If I wanted to do that I would go back to school and PAY out of the nose.  I’ve learned PPC, SEO, and Programming on my own.  I didn’t have a teacher… and for sure no one paid me to learn.  Much like my blog…. There’s no real benefit… I do it because I enjoy it.  You learn because you want to.

To conclude… never rest on past accomplishments.  They are fickle and clients care about what you can do now… not yesterday.  Never expect someone to teach you.  Go out and grab it yourself.  Teach yourself.  I’m always starving for knowledge.  I can identify whether someone is hungry like me.  I’ve said this before, I grew up poor.  When you are poor you see the worst in people.  I don’t sugar coat this fact.  Money has limited meaning in my life, not because I have it, but because I can live without it.  I’ve only been interested in acquiring skills.  And developing them.  But it’s an exchange.  I teach you this… you teach me that.   It cannot be… I’m going to teach you this… and pay you… and do all the work.  That’s not an exchange.  And such a proposal has no place in marketing.  If you acquire a skill I don’t have… that’s interesting.  If you pay me money to use my skill… that’s fine.  But if you have neither skills to exchange nor money to pay…  that’s not interesting…