Once an Owl, Always an Owl

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When I was in middle school I began waking up and writing stories.  There’s something magical about midnight until 3am.  I can’t explain it other than I get a lot of things done during this time period.  I always believed once I got older I would change this “bad habit.”  In many ways this habit has defined my life.

In this 3 hour window of time I can get more done than most people in a day.  At least in the PPC/website sense.  I’m also able to come up with new ideas and learn incredibly well.  This unique ability has helped me survive pre-med, the patent bar, law school, and the New York bar.  It is also how I learn PPC and website building so quickly.  While everyone else is sleeping I’m watching coding videos while creating mobile PPC outlines.

I work the same 9am to 6pm (normally later) everyone else does… I just save my best work for midnight to 3am.