Onwards to Adventure

150 150 tony

Today I learned how to use my new mac book.  I love it so much.  It’s a 15 inch Retina 16GB ram i7 2.2.  And it’s lightning fast.  I was video editing today.  It took 1/3 the time it normally takes for my video edits (after 2 hours of being confused).  The mac is also compatible with the SD card the other laptop hates.  The only issue is the mac only has a 256GB hard drive.  I thought it would be a lot of space, but I’m using it for video edits.

While I was writing this blog, I became hungry… I went to CVS to buy some chocolate.  It’s hard to justify buying 13.42 dollars of chocolate and eating the majority of it…  and not feeling bad at all.  I blame this on my best friend Freshman year at NYU…. Anthony.  Our dorm University Hall was right outside a 24hr CVS.  Around 3am every night he would call and we would get food at the chicken and rice place.  And later candy at CVS.

And now it’s 3am.  Weird how fast time goes by.  I’ve been working on this website for a bit, I think I fully understand how to update the back end now. This weekend as a whole was incredibly uneventful.

Tomorrow will be rough though since I have volunteer/tutoring for 4 hours in the city.  Then diner with a friend.  And if I’m productive I can record more videos.  I’m hoping to knock out Advanced Search if not both search and display.  We will see.

One of my other concerns is I’ve been buying a lot of stuff.  I purchased a 2K macbook pro, an iPad air, $450 of anime merchandise, and 500+ graphic design books.  And magic the gathering cards.  I did all of this… without an actual W-2 job locked up (although I probably will be going W-2 Monday).  And I have more bills incoming including airplane and travel expenses.  I need to be more careful with spending.  Oh and this website… haha.  I put 800 into it already.  I’m planning on spending 2,500 more for a cool application.  But it’s hard to grasp the additional value at this stage.  And funds are depleted.