Onwards & Upwards, Everyday as an Adventure


My mentality over the past 3 years has been everyday is an adventure.  After my “corporate” job as a comptroller… I wanted to do something different.  That was marketing.  The first agency I worked… I will described as an interesting experience.  PPC and development were not valued.  Social Media and Graphic Design were the two areas the agency focused on.  The team ratio was interesting…  20% sales 35% graphic design 35% social media 5% PPC & 5% developer.  Social Media Specialists and Graphic Designers were the overwhelming majority of the team.

I taught myself PPC and Development because those were the two most difficult things to learn.  Social Media… isn’t that difficult.  IMO, generating consistent content is easy…. if you enjoy it.  I write these blogs for no other reason than it’s fun…. sometimes it’s tiring… but most times it’s a nice way to reflect on my week or day.  I blog about my hobbies on other websites as well.

At the previous agency we hired dozens of content writers.  My favorite story is when I assigned two content writers 200 blogs to be done in two months.  They were supposed to work together.  I created an excel spreadsheet with the blog topics and the website links.  After two months, I looked at the spreadsheet and there was another column which indicated who wrote what.  It turned out one content writer wrote 100 blogs and the other wrote 2….

I’ve had this same experience with Social Media Specialist.  It’s always been my philosophy that if you can’t do it for yourself… how are you going to do it for a business?  Every marketer is a small business… What’s the difference?  Shouldn’t marketers… I don’t know… do a good job marketing themselves?

If you treat everyday as a new adventure.  An adventure that you choose to go on… then why be so lazy about things?  That’s what I found working in marketing… a good marketer tests everything using their own money before applying it to a client.  Otherwise, how would you know it works.  There are times I use clients for test runs but I’m clear to them about what I want to accomplish.  If you spend your own money, you learn way better.  Any mistakes made come straight out of your pocket.  While extremely annoying, you will remember every mistake you made from your own account.