Crying Over Shattered iPads… Never


Today wasn’t the greatest day.  Saturday I was out most of the day doing errands.  Sunday… yeah.  Is almost over.  Anyways, I accidentally smashed my iPad onto the floor.  No use crying over spilled milk.  Moved on already.  The same philosophy I have with development and PPC.  If something doesn’t go right, fix it or move on.  No use harping on what went wrong or why.  Failure is failure and it’s always ugly.  And no excuse makes it better…. At least it wasn’t my macbook… that would have sucked.

Last week was a blurred.  Mostly doing just PPC and sales.  Sometimes it’s difficult to differentiate weeks.  I’m doing the same thing over and over again.  I’ve learned a lot.  About sales and life.  Of all the things I learned, the most valuable is to let go.  Sometimes things don’t work out.  Actually… most times things won’t work out.  Life is never like you envisioned it would be.  And that’s the fun of it.

If I can crunch down tonight I should be in pretty good shape.  I was out most of Saturday and came back to film videos for the rest of the week.  I’ve been eating well and gaining weight.  Which for now I don’t mind.  Did not go to the gym today.  Watching the Democratic debate now.  Interesting stuff.

I filled up on snacks from china town… another source of potential weight gain.  Pocky, White Rabbits, and Hello Panda.  My favorite.  Taxes are soon… I’m not looking forward to that.  I will need to spend next week working on those.  And getting the quickbooks cleaned a bit.  It’s likely to take my entire weekend… argh…

I have a lot of reading I need to catch up on.  I’m not sure what happened last week.  It went by incredibly fast.  I don’t feel I made much progress.  Kind of stuck in a rut.  I’m excited… for the future… but I want to get there already.  My schedule has altered somewhat… a bit disruptive.  But I should be back on track soon.