Overwhelmed Is a Good Thing

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Overwhelmed Is a Good Thing

Well I’m starting a new project. It’s both exciting and scary. The new project will be to create a website with information… and a YouTube channel dedicated to Paid Per Click. Before starting a new project, it is important to recognize what your old projects are and the progress you made.

TeamTreeHouse: Done. Well 23, 670 points later… and a bunch of invoices later…

Hobby YouTube Channel: Getting there. 2 videos a day isn’t bad.

Hobby Facebook Channel: Needs work for sure. But Thankfully Bufferapp is a thing.

Volunteering: I get to do a lot of this now.

Tutoring: Ditto.

Now I need to stop procrastinating work on my marketing channel. I have a twitter of 11K which I should use but I don’t. Because you know… I’m overwhelmed.

I really want to create a YouTube Channel but that means every week I’m making at least 28 videos. That’s borderline insane given the other activities I participate in. Or is it?

Here’s my plan. I’m going to cut back on video games and anime…. And netflix documentaries… and browsing through amazon prime but not buying anything. And perhaps I will watch less television in general except for the pleasant ambience.   Yeah that sounds like it could work.